Hey! We’re back for this week’s Top 3 Countdown. Welcome!

But first up, some incredibly sad news from local news sources…

The entire nation of Japan was in total and complete shock today when on live national TV last night, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was devoured by a giant carnivorous man-eating plant that somehow wound up in NHK news studios by accident. The plant was originally destined for the Botanical Garden Ueno Zoo, but through a mix up with deliveries, the extremely dangerous massive Amazonian Man-Eating Plant was delivered to the news studio where Abe was scheduled for a speech, while a bouquet of pretty flowers went to the zoo.

While millions of shocked viewers looked on, the plant first criticized the suit Abe was wearing, then grabbed the prime minister and swallowed him whole head first. Staff at the news team tried to save the prime minister by shouting at the plant to eat former prime minister and current finance minister Taro Aso instead. Unfortunately, their efforts were too little, too late.

It is expected that the announcement of funeral proceedings will be announced to a nation in mourning later today. Abe will be sorely missed.

(Thanks to Frazier Smith for the update and inspiration in these difficult times.)

Now! Onto the Top 3!!!! Yippee!

Today at #3 is a band from Manchester, England called “The Watchmakers.”

Backseatmafia says: “The band have been on a steep upward curve, after their self-produced demos ‘Before Questions Became’ and ‘Waves’ garnered the band the attention of press and gained them airplay from John Kennedy at XFM, and via BBC Manchester Introducing. They’ve headlined two sold out Psychedelic Happenings in Manchester and have supported the likes of The Pretty Things, Jacco Gardner, Dark Bells and Exit Calm, and in February played a BBC Showcase at which 6music declared them ‘Ones to Watch’.”

The Watchmakers – Illumination  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jniKTKzpi9Y#t=130

#2) Next up is another new band to look out for; the Mirror Trap.

Noise Cannon wrote this about The Mirror Trap and their recent tour with Placebo: “Vocalist Gary Panther Moore glides from side to side as he produces stern vocals that highlight his talent. The energetic band on stage seem to be strangers to the crowd, however, their dynamic performance pays off as the audience cheer with admiration. Clearly shown live, The Mirror Trap have taken a great influence from Suede, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Placebo themselves. They lure you in with great hooks and concrete rhythms using their Scottish charm – they share a few risque stories, which instantly sets off laughter to a now cheery crowd.”

The Mirror Trap – Little Ease  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bav5Bry_cAs

#1 Great Cynics

The Great Cynics are a Uk band that has been called a “big guitar pop punk band.” They have big, bright pop hooks, and the resulting music is tremendously good.

Great Cynics – Whatever You Want https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=33&v=3-heHlArrpE

That’s it for this week! See ya next week!

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See you back here in a week from now with more cool new music!



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