Every Sunday morning, I wake up at around 4 am and then head to InterFM. InterFM is one of Tokyo’s Top 5 FM radio stations broadcasting to over 35 million homes in the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area. It also broadcasts to 8 million people in the Nagoya area and, nationwide on Radiko (Internet radio).

Our narrators have all worked regularly at InterFM or Love FM

Our narrators have all worked regularly at InterFM or Love FM

Everyday, we hear professional narrators on the radio and TV… It is easy to pick out a seasoned professional from an amateur… You never hear amateurs on TV or radio (unless they are being interviewed). But you do hear lots of amateurs on Youtube videos.

Robot55 prides itself on having a stable of true professional announcers who have worked (and are working) regularly at many of Japan’s top TV and radio stations… And guess what? In English or Japanese, we have the best of both worlds. And our starting price for hiring a seasoned pro, is only ¥25,000. How can we do this? Well, because we are industry insiders and know lots of great professionals who are looking for work…. We also use high technology so that they can record professionally in the convenience of our own home.

We don’t need to search for freelancers or other amateurs, we know lots of seasoned professionals; we only hire people we have worked with and can trust to do a great job! Check out our narrators here: http://robot55.jp/

You can hire a professional and add that special touch to any and all of your videos for work and promotion. We even do Digital Signage and all areas of production. Send us an email and we’ll get started for you!

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