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Top 3 Videos for Nov. 7, 2015! Wax Idols, The Turns, Honeyblood, Samurai Attack!

Time again for the Top 3 Indies Artist’s videos for the week of November 17, 2015.

First up is a band from Oakland and Los Angeles, California. Their Facebook page describes them as, “Bitch Pop” and “Sad Core.”

#3) Wax Idols – All Too Human

Next up is a band introduced to me by Kona Cindy. I really have to give a nod here to Cindy (some of you read her name here almost every week)… I have been collecting music and been doing this silly music/radio business since 1978. I even used to be Rodney on the Roq’s Go-Fer in 1980 and 81. Over many years, I have traded music with many people and DJs around the world. Many, many have come and gone. There is one thing I can say and that is Cindy has been there (for a few decades actually!) and consistently she finds new and interesting and exciting stuff to play and sends it to me…. I am deeply thankful for her for doing that for me. I know there are a few other DJs around the world who think the exact same thing, too.

Thanks Cindy Kona, for all you do. I don’t know what I would do without you… But I do know that, without Kona Cindy, this Top 3 countdown would not be consistently good each and every week... (I am very happy with this Top 3 countdown and think it is one of the best and most exciting things on the entire internet to look forward to every week – I really do!)

On that note, next is a band introduced by Cindy Kona (duh!). The Turns are a psychedelic rock group from Los Angeles, California.

#2) The Turns – Taken Over

Did someone mention Cindy Kona? Yep? She turns us onto this weeks #1 also! Honeyblood is a Scottish musical duo formed in Glasgow Scotland in 2012.

#1) Honeyblood – Killer Bangs

Finally today’s FREEBIE! It’s probably one of Japan’s most famous Punk Bands. They are called “Samurai Attack” or just “SA” for short. These guys have been around for years and are legendary! They are having a big show this weekend at Club Citta in Kawasaki (information below the video)

FREEBIE: Samurai Attack (SA) – Callin’ You

Check out SA tomorrow at Club Citta Kawasaki with The Neatbeats, Douhatsuten and the 50 Kaitenz! (More information? Click here:

SA presents BIG TOP SPECIAL – 感謝爆発祭
SA / 怒髪天 / THE NEATBEATS / ザ50回転ズ

Samurai Attack




Top 3 Videos for Oct. 30, 2015! The Monsters, The Jacques, The Fontaines, Mr. Diagonal’s Midlife Crisis!

Top 3 Videos for October 23, 2015! The Routes, Moon Kids, Theee Bat, The Jacques!

Top 3 Videos for October 15, 2015! Japan’s Theee Bat, The Shit, The Fontaines, Lola Dutronic! bat-the-shit-the-fontaines-lola-dutronic/

Top 3 Videos for October 9, 2015! The Jackets, Hear Kitty Kitty, Wavves, Japan’s Own Titty Twister!

Top 3 Videos for October 2, 2015! The Monsters, Dirty Coal Train, Subways, Japan’s Own The Mack Show!

Top 3 Videos for Sept. 25, 2015! Death by Unga Bunga, The Interrupters, Dollyrots, Japan’s Own The Routes

Top 3 Videos for Sept. 18, 2015! Fidlar, Jungle Giants, Su凸ko D凹koi and Barrence Whitfield凸ko-d凹koi-and-barrence-whitfield/

Top 3 Videos for Sept. 11, 2015! Texaco Leatherman, The Atom Age, Blonde Summer, the Routes!

Top 3 Videos for Sept. 5, 2015! Titty Twister, Potty Mouth, Palaye Royale, Plashments!




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Business and Social Media Videos? Keep it 30 Seconds! 60 Seconds at Most!〜会社紹介動画は30秒か60秒がおすすめ

Need a video for your business or service on your webpage or business page on Facebook or other social media? Remember this one critical rule: Keep it at 30 seconds length; 60 seconds at most!

Need data to understand why? OK. Here you go:

According to research data by Visible Measures, the internet video audience measurement service: 20% of all your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer.”

That means, we must get the message out about what you or your business is about within the first 5 ~ 10 seconds. Think about it; how many times have you seen a video and then clicked away immediately? If people are going to click away, we might not be able to stop them (depends on their reason for clicking away), but we can at least let them know who/what you or your business is about.

The same data from Visible Measures shows that: “… by 30 seconds, you will lose about 1/3 of your viewers! 45% of all viewers will be gone by 1 minute…” Then it drops off a cliff. “You will lose 60% of your viewers by 2 minutes.”

So the most logical and cost-effective answer is to keep all your business videos at 60 seconds and under – with 30 seconds being the prime target. Oh, and by the way, Twitter’s new video platform will not support any videos over 30 seconds... That, right there, should end the discussion of how long an internet video for business should be.

It was Shakespeare who wrote; “Brevity is the Soul of Wit.” That rule fits the stage a few hundred years ago, and it fits today’s internet world too!

The breakdown for users of various devices offers insights for your business on who the users are and their habits:

* It’s the desktop viewers who seem to watch videos for 2 minutes or less.

*Mobile users seem to watch longer (maybe they are burning time while waiting for friends or riding a bus or train?) iPhone users average about 2.4 minutes on videos. Android users average about 3 minutes. iPad users are the ones who watch the longest at 5 minutes.

I do, though, think we have to take this with a grain of salt: mobile users are the ones who are watching dramas and longer videos in the car or on public transportation to kill time in a long ride (you don’t usually see people watching movies or dramas on their PC whilst riding the train or bus.) And, perhaps, iPhone and Android users are waiting for their friends and just trying to kill a few minutes.

Need more evidence that your videos shouldn’t be over 1 minute?

Here’s another thing that is important to keep in mind. The Jun Group (2011) survey shows that videos that are shorter than 15 seconds are shared 37 percent more often than those that last between 30 seconds and 1 minute. If you make your video longer than 1 minute, then the percentage of people sharing your video goes down by half! Only 18% share videos that are longer than 1 minute.

The conclusion? Great and effective video must be exciting, informing and effective from the very start. And they must be short and sweet and to the point; 30 seconds is optimum and 60 seconds is an important line to stop.

But how will you know when your video is or isn’t doing what you need? Video analytics! You can purchase information from YouTube Analytics API, but that costs money. Video analytics are available and offer a detailed look at your users: who is watching and how long they stay watching. It also will tell you exactly when they click away. So, you know exactly which scene turned people off!

But if you don’t want to spend money (and who does?) then you can just use this blog and the information that we provide for you for free! Your cash register can be another good measure!

Finally, there is another good reason that you need a video for your business: It keeps people on your page and that increases business! Once again, Visible Measures tells us:

“A real estate group reported that real estate listings that have a video garnered 403% more inquiries than properties without videos.” The math is simple; the real estate with videos generated more than 4 times more sales leads than the real estate without videos. That’s an awesome number!

Here are two examples of effective videos. These were done by Robot55 for a very cool bar in Shinjuku named Albatross. First the 30 second video: (If link doesn’t work, click here or copy and paste this link:

And now the Albatross 60 second video: (If link doesn’t work, click here or copy and paste this link into your browser:

These videos are very effective. Why? You know what kind of business it is; where it is located; you know the mood and atmosphere of the shop … All that in 5 seconds or less!

At Robot55, we specialize in high-quality, engaging and exciting 30 and 60 second videos; and we do it at an unbeatable price! If you need free advice on making your own business video or just want to discuss making one with us then email the humans who work at Robot55, Mike or Ken:

Let us work together with you to build your dreams! Success is right around the corner!


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“DATA LOVE” out today!

Hi I’m Ken, the video man and music composer/producer @ ROBOT55 / ROBOT55のビデオ制作&音楽制作担当のKenでございます!


My new dance/house tune “DATA LOVE” is out today! / 小生のゴキゲンなノリノリ・ハウス・チューンのニューシングル”DATA LOVE”が本日より配信されます!


A super-pop and ridiculously-catchy club tune. This classic, romantic love song is dedicated to the one we marvel at every day and spend more time than with any beloved soul in the world, the binary data.


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