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Top 3 Videos for Nov. 13, 2015! Mac Sabbath, Acid Baby Jesus, Doll Skin, Su Ko D Koi from Japan!

Welcome back to the Top 3 Videos! The Top 3 Indies Artists’ videos guaranteed to blow your mind.

First up is a hilarious new artist turned onto us by alert reader and friend Mami Nagamachi. Thanks Mami san! Remember Beatallica, the band that blended Metallica and the Beatles? Well, these guys turn up the ridiculousness to 11 and will knock on your butt. McDonald’s nor Black Sabbath will never be the same.

#3) Mac Sabbath – Frying Pan

Next up is a band introduced to us again by a local friend name Rin Ishioka who does great work for Slovenly Records here in Japan. I do not kid you when I tell you that Rin is one of the few remaining label promoters who actually make an effort to promote the labels music…. I wonder if the other labels even have any promoters or not? If they do, I never see them. Rin keeps sending me music and messages, and well, like this band, it’s hot! The band is from Athens, Greece and their name is Acid Baby Jesus. They are a heavy psychedelic rock’n’roll band and are coming to Japan next week. Check out their webpage:

#2) Acid Baby Jesus – Vegetable

At #1 this week is Doll Skin. Doll Skin are an all-girl punk outfit from Phoenix, Arizona. Produced by David Ellefson – who did albums with Megadeath and Greg Hetson the ex-Bad religion members who who produced for the Circle Jerks.

#1) Doll Skin – Family of Strangers

Finally our freebie and it’s from Japan’s own Su Ko D Koi. Su Ko D Koi just released their 2nd EP a couple of days ago and they are a hot three piece girl’s punk unit. I love this band! Please go “Like” their FB page:

Su凸ko D凹koi (Su Ko D Koi)

Su凸ko D凹koi (Su Ko D Koi)

Freebie: Su Ko D Koi – Boss! I’m quitting my part-time job at the restaurant!

Well, that’s it for today! See you next week!!!!! Have a great weekend!



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