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Top 3 Artists Videos for June 8, 2015 & Girlpool!

Shit! It’s a Monday! I hate Mondays! The only good thing about Mondays is the Top 3 Video Countdown. Let’s get rockin’!

Oh my god! The first band up today is the New Piccadillys. This band is hot! The Piccadillys are “Shiny suits, twanging guitars, pounding drums & tight harmonies together with 60s sounds” I highly recommend checking out their Facebook page where you can find gems like this: “He is also remembered by many as Johnny MacRotten of the dangerously authentic ‘Scottish Sex Pistols’ and as front man for the more family friendly skiffle trio ‘Wray Gunn & The Rockets’.” You can’t make this shit up. Here they are with a cover of a classic Ramones tune.

#3) The New Piccadillys – Judy is a Punk –

Next up are the China Rats. China Rats are a four-piece indie rock band from Leeds, England, that the U.K. press has been hailing as the next Arctic Monkeys.

#2) China Rats – To Be Like I –

Next up, at #1 is a band that is coming to the big Japanese Rock Festival; Summer Fuji, or is it Fuji Sonic? I forget. Why? Because all summer festivals have crap sound and I don’t go to them. Nevertheless, I was the first one to play our #1 act in Japan (aren’t I always the first?) so this band is cool, even though the summer festivals all suck (I hate standing in line to take a pee too!)

At #1 is Drenge. Drenge are an English two-piece alternative rock band, based in Castleton, Derbyshire, England. The band is made up of Eoin Loveless, on guitar and vocals, and his younger brother Rory, on drums.

#1) Drenge – We Can Do What We Want –

Today’s Freebie! オマケ!It’s Girlpool! Wikipedia says, “Girlpool is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. Its members are Cleo Tucker (guitar, vocals) and Harmony Tividad (bass, vocals), who are 18 and 19 years old, respectively. The band does not have a drummer.”

オマケ!Girlpool – Alone at the Show

Well, that’s it for this week! See you next time. Keep rocking and have a great week!


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