It’s time for this week’s Top 3 New Artist Videos for the week of April 7, 2015. This week I want to showcase what we think are some the best girl bands around and share their videos with you. Some of these videos are from last year, but this countdown is only a few weeks old, so I have some catching up to do. I play these artists and these songs on my regular weekly FM radio show, “What the Funday” on InterFM that is broadcast in Tokyo and Nagoya (and all over Japan on the network. You can listen to that (if you are in Japan) here:

So let’s get to today’s Top 3.

The first music video is from a Berlin-based Girl Group called Half Girl. I can’t find much information on this group but they are great! I love this track. Half Girl are Julie Miess (Britta), Vera goiter (Luise Pop), Anna-Leena Lutz (The Laughter) and Gwendoline Tägert (Mondo Fumatore) are composed Half Girl. From what I can guess they are considered Berlin’s All Girl supergroup. You will dig this tune and crack up.

Half Girl – Lemmy, I’m A Feminist(

Next up is a great band from London, England and this is their second time on our charts.  They released their debut album “Out of View” on 28 January 2013, which went in at number 8 in the UK Indie Breakers Chart, and number 2 in the UK Record Store Chart.

The History of Apple Pie – Jamais Vu (

And finally, last but not least and at #1 is The Fabulous Miss Wendy! The Fabulous Miss Wendy is a rock/punk/grunge band formed in Los Angeles. I was told by the late Kim Fowley that the Fabulous Miss Wendy is the next big rock female superstar and he compared her to iconic female musicians like Joan Jett. According to “Revolver Magazine,” The Fabulous Miss Wendy is “the sexiest rock star ever”! She started playing at the age of ten and was  inspired by punk acts like the Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones. In High School, her classmates voted her “most likely to be a rock star”! Hee, hee, hee…. Is that cool or what?

The Fabulous Miss Wendy – No One Can Stop Me (

If you want to read a hilarious true story about Mike Rogers and the White Stripes’ Jack White, check it:

The White Stripes Jack White and Me (A True Story)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Top 3! See you next week!!!!!



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