A couple of weeks back I wrote a short handy list on how to make a viral video. It has a list of six tips to help you make a viral video (Including, but not limited to using dogs and cats). While utilizing these six tips won’t guarantee a viral sensation, it will increase your chances. If you are interested in that, take a look at: 6 Easy Tips For Making a Viral Video〜バイラル動画のための6つのポイント (robot55.jp/blog/6-easy-tips-for-making-a-viral-video/) Today, I like to show and interesting bit about a child’s piano video that, while not a massive internet sensation, is a “viral hit” so-to-speak in a very narrow and niche market: Moms with little kids just starting out on the piano (well, that’s my guess.)

My buddy, Ken, and I have been making videos and TV programs for a long time. Making a viral video is an elusive goal. I’d love to be able to make a video with 10 million views. Heck, we’re very happy when some of the unknown bands that we made videos for surpass 20,000 views. We’ve also made some videos with some pretty well known musicians, and yet, in the music department, we’ve yet to come close to what I’d call a “Viral Video.” You know, my idea of a Viral Video is something like Psy’s “Gangnam Style” which, as of the moment of this writing, has nearly 2.3 billion views. If you can stand to watch it again, click here: Psy – Gangnam Style (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0)

OK, well, maybe shooting for a few billion is asking a lot (but what’s a few billion between friends?)

It all depends on what your goal is for your video. In the 6 Easy Tips For Making a Viral Video〜バイラル動画のための6つのポイント it talks about quality production and professionalism… But there is something else that can make a video viral and I like to call it “Magic.”

What is this “Magic”? Take a look at this video of this little boy playing the piano. It was uploaded by his mom for purely posterity’s sake. I know all about this video. The intention of the mom in taking this video was only for posterity’s sake; she told me that she didn’t expect the video to ever get anymore than a dozen views or so. They made the video on an iPhone, one take. They did no promotion; no blogging, no Facebook, no nothing.

And yet, this video has over 18,000 views as of the writing of this blog post! How did that happen? I know MANY bands who would be so happy if their videos ever got 5,000 views! But a little kid playing Tchaikovsky at the piano shot with an iPhone and they are getting near 20,000 views???

How did that happen?

This video, for some reason, must be getting watched by other moms with sons or daughters who are practicing the piano. So the word spreads. The only word I have for it is “Magic.”

Tchaikovsky – Sleeping Beauty チャイコフスキー 眠りの森の美女のワルツ ピアノ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwY9u59lgDc

Actually, I know the whole story about this boy as I am proud to say that he is my son. Yet, I have to admit that I am amazed that a few of his videos have surpassed 15,000 views. I am amazed because I often make videos with artists and I do promote the videos, yet sometimes they just don’t “take off.”

I know for a fact my wife didn’t promote any of our son’s videos, yet he can hit over 18,000 views! Wow!

Here’s a great one I made for him and his mom, called Chopin Impromptu No. 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7YWTH90Kwk

So, see? the Chopin Impromptu has very few views but it is professionally made. The iPhone one? It’s magic! (And a head slapper for me!) Chuckle!

I hope you have more “Magic” in your lives.


If you are interested in a professional quality video for your child’s performance, please read: A Family Heirloom for ¥70,000? Create Your Child’s Performance Video That You Will be Proud of Forever! (robot55.jp/blog/a-family-heirloom-for-¥50000-create-your-childs-performance-video-that-you-will-be-proud-of-forever/)

We’d love to create dreams together with you!


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