Last week we went to Shinjuku to shoot a wonderfully decorated bar named Albatross. Albatross is basically a shot bar and is one of the most interesting drinking places I have ever seen. It is in Omoide Yokocho just 2 minutes walk from Shinjuku station and it has a wild interior!

Ken shot the video and did a superb job of editing. This place is tiny, Ken uses his video production skills and creativity to make it look like a  huge museum. The place does kind of look like a museum, but it is quite cozy inside. Check it out!

Using the same model for Albatross, yesterday, we went all the way out to Fuchu and shoot a video for a restaurant/ bar named Chain. Chain is a nice, spacious establishment with great drinks and delicious food. Chain specializes in meat dishes such a braised steak, chicken and pork as well as a wide array of side dishes. I will post that video as soon as it is ready too!

We had a good time at the video shoot and I drank too much. I think I must owe Ken some money for drinks!


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