It’s time once again for the Top 3 Video countdown. The Top 3 Indies Artists Videos for the week of Feb. 7, 2016!

Starting us off at #3 are a band who are introduced to us by Alex Kish, a DJ in the USA who hosts “Wassup Rocker Radio” (hear it online here: The Ming City Rockers are a four-piece rock band from Immingham, United Kingdom. “What’s an ‘Immingham’?” You ask? – It’s a town about 10 km north-west from Grimsby, on the east coast of northern England. They were originally named ‘Low Culture’ but changed their name to Ming City Rockers – inspired by The Clash song Clash City Rockers.Their style has been compared to that of “the spirit of MC5.” Their début single was entitled, ‘Chic & The Motherfuckers.’

#3) Ming City Rockers – Twist It

Next is a band from Catalan, Spain. The Los Tiki Phantoms is an instrumental band based on classic rock’n’roll, especially Surf Rock.  They are characterized by appearing at concerts dressed in a classic black suit and skull masks. Should they be on the Cool & Strange Music Countdown instead?

#2) Los Tiki Phantoms – Espiral Cósmica

At #1 and just back from a triumphant tour of Japan is Hey! Hello! Hey! Hello! is an international power pop band, formed by the British singer-songwriter, Ginger Wildheart. As of 2015 the band consists of Ginger Wildheart, Hollis Mahady, The Rev, Toshi and Ai Sugiyama. The band’s name was chosen by the son of Ginger Wildheart, who had misheard the Ramones lyric “Hey Ho, Let’s Go.” This band is happening!

#1) Hey! Hello! – Automatic Love

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! The Pats Pats! I try to introduce the world to cool Japanese bands every week on the Top 3 Video Countdown. Sometimes it’s tough. There’s tons of J-Pop bands (You know, think Japanese Justin Beiber, Bieber? How ever it is spelled, and they are corporate schlock.) But every once in a while something interesting comes up.

Here’s a band I found by reading an article by a gentleman by the name of Rob Dyer. Rob writes an interesting blog called, “The Real Japan.” ( I highly recommend it and like it a lot! Rob introduces us to a girl’s band (“Girl’s band!?” Say no more! Ha! Ha!) named “The Pats Pats”. He says that they, “…somehow improbably combine a love of Ramones-style punk-pop and eighties idol music.” Thanks Rob. Keep up the good work!

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! The Pats Pats – Girls Talk

Well, that’s it for today! See you next week!!!!!  – Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers




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