It’s time once again for the Top 3 Indies Artist Video Countdown. The Top 3 best Indies and Alternative Music artists for the week of Oct. 22, 2016!

First up is a Garage Rock And Roll outfit lead a mysterious character known as Bobby “Pantichrist” Butler along with 4 other conspirators who make up an awesome group known as “The Shit.” The Shit hail from Switzerland in a town they refer to as “Bern, Baby, Burn!” This hot track is from their brand new 10 inch record entitled, “Rue du Chocolat.” They are even having a release party tonight… I wonder if I can make it there in time to crash it? Here’s their Facebook:

#3) The Shit – Corvette Summer

Next up is a girls duo from Glasgow, Scotland named Honeyblood. Their newest album, “Babes Never Die,” is due out in the USA next week. I really like this a lot. American disc Jockey Alex Kish of Wassuprocker radio says of the new Honeyblood, “This is the most excited I’ve been about a new record in a long time!” Go Like their Facebook!

#2) Honeyblood – Ready For The Magic

Today’s #1 is an artist that just toured Japan in August. They hail from Brighton, England. The Guardian writes: “Black Honey are one of the indie bands to watch for 2016. They’ve been under the proverbial radar for over a year and in fact they rather like it that way – “If it was my way we’d still be a secret band,” claims the singer – but unfortunately they made the mistake of writing songs with potential mass (indie) appeal. The usual Annie Macs, Huw Stephens and Phil Taggarts have been clambering to support them, and Spotify plays by actual humans are fast approaching the million mark.” Here’s their Facebook page:

#1) Black Honey – Hello Today

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! Today’s Spotlight Artist is a punk rock band from Tokyo named Spam69. These guys have been signed to Mystic Records in Los Angeles and have been on our Top 3 Video countdown in the past. Today’s video is hilarious! Here’s their FB page:

I’ve also been playing this regularly on my FM radio show “WTF?” and will play again tomorrow, Sunday, October 23, 2016. Check it out!

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! Spam69 Fuck You, Fuck Me

That’s all for today! See you next week when we return to the Top 3 Indies Artist Videos Countdown. See ya! – Mike in Tokyo Rogers




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