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Gaijin Gourmet! New Delicious Yakitori (Chicken BBQ on Sticks) In Futakotamagawa!

Finally! There’s a delicious Yakitori (BBQ chicken on sticks) in Futakotamagawa. I am a regular there and went there again last night to participate in the venue’s fare and was, as usual, quite pleased.

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The shop’s name is “Flat.” It is a 5 minute walk from Futakotamagawa station on the Den-en-Toshi Line. (Two stops by express train – six by local train – from Shibuya). It is on the side of the station a few minutes walk from Takashimaya so it’s a great place to go if the ladies want to go shopping too! 

Downstairs seats 12. Upstairs “Zasshiki” (japanese floor tatami style) Seats about 10.

Room for about 12 to seat on the first floor and a standing bar for four people or so. On the second floor, there is a tatami room that seats ten. 

Friendly, polite staff

Friendly staff and a spic and span cleanliness (always a must for the Gaijin Gourmet!)

Spotless kitchen

The kitchen is kept spotless and anyone can easily view the food preparation. The standing bar is directly opposite the barbecue rack (to the left of this picture) so anyone can see how clean and spotless the facilities are.

It says, (ふらっと 炭火焼)”Flat Sumibiyaki” (sumibiyaki means “cooked over charcoal”) 

All the cooked chicken items I had were very delicious. 

I don’t like dethawed frozen meats and the menu at Flat had fresh chicken. Delicious. It is about ¥160 per piece, which is a tad bit pricy, but like I said, it is not frozen meats so the taste is superb… Good Yakitori never needs sauce and only salt. I don’t even use salt so I can really taste good meat. This place has good quality chicken! Fresh!

The owner and head chef is Shimodai san. If you go there, tell him “Mike sent you!”


4-10-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


Tel: 03-6313-1445

(If you want to have a party of more than 4 or so, better call first, this place gets packed!)

Map URL:


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New Facebook Video Function GREAT for Businesses! And it’s Free!〜Facebookのビデオ機能がビジネス活用に秀逸

If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, then you need to make one today. Why? It’s free for one. And a Facebook page for your business is a great way to promote your business, service, product or organization.

Did I already mention that it is free?

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There’s more! Facebook now has a brand new function that allows your video to play automatically if someone visits your page. The visitor doesn’t need to click anything! The video just starts playing if you embed the video directly into your Facebook page instead of just adding a link to a Youtube video.

I think this function is confusing to people if you have a bunch of videos on your Facebook page. But, say, if you only have one, it’s perfect! I highly recommend it!

We made a video production for a young couple who run a yakitori named “Flat” near my house. It was great fun making their promotion video, and Flat is the best Yakitori restaurant around!

In the case of Flat, there is only one video on their page – the one we made – so it is extremely eye-catching and effective. Here’s a screen capture of their top page on FB… (Go see the actual page on FB here:

facebook screen capture

And, if you just scroll down a touch, you’ll see the video embedded in their FB page. It’s like a TV commercial at the top of their page! AND if you click the “Keep on Top” Tab, the video will stay at the top of the page forever! Just what you want!

Yakitori video screen captureTo see the actual video, and not just a screen capture, go to the “Flat Yakitori” Facebook page here:

This video at the top of their Facebook page makes the page, “Come Alive!” It brings in more customers as people can see inside the restaurant and know what kind of people the owners and workers are. It is nearly perfect!

On a side note, I was watching the video earlier today and then I thought, “Someday, maybe 10 or 15 or 20 years from now, they’ll look back on this video and have fond memories of a great business and how the video WE MADE helped them to do a good business and make money; as well as wonderful memories.

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Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot – Giant Robo (ジャイアントロボ) For You Japanese Fans!

(Image at top is the first – totally ripped off design – of the robot for Robot55.)

May I brag? I’ve had so many people tell me that they love the Robot character we use for Robot55. Thanks. I made him myself…robot55sUh, no… That’s not true. Ayumi, our president made him. Besides being a sort-of genius engineer and designer, she’s a mad scientist!

Since I can remember, Japan has always had a lot of robots (be they real, giant or otherwise) as well as monsters and ghosts. When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, we always thought it was strange. I remember asking my  mom (who was Japanese) why the Japanese had so many weird monsters and robots everywhere. It’s bizarre when you stop to think about it; Japan had lots of robots, etc. since way back when. Now, in 2015, Japan has robot restaurants and all sorts of funky aluminum creatures… And, as for monsters, I guess Fukushima Dai-Ichi could fit that bill.

How little did we realize when we were little kids, that this 60’s Japanese Kitsch was extremely cool…. How little did we realize that those toy cars made out of aluminum beer cans that came from Japan in the sixties would be worth thousands of dollars to collectors today. How could we realize, as little kids, how dumb we were? The robots, monsters and toy cars from Japan were waaaaaay cool. Us dumb dorky kids were the ones who weren’t cool.

I looked up some cool videos of the seminal Japanese robot character: Giant Robot. That cartoon was known as “Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot” in the USA.  I turned on this Youtube video link and watched. “Ah!” I thought, “I remember this TV show! His finger is a rocket!”

A minute later, my wife peered out of the dining room, when she heard the theme song of Giant Robo and exclaimed, “I loved this TV show! When it ended, I cried and cried!” (She started to cry right there too! She’s so sweet)

Watching my wife relive a moment of her childhood brought tears to my eyes! She reminded me of my mother; and, her emotions remind me, once again, just how romanticist and delicate the Japanese can be.

I love Japan and the Japanese people! 

Here’s a trailer for Giant Robot…

… Maybe this is just one more clue into why the Japanese have a fascination with robots and giant radioactive creatures from space and the bottom of the ocean….

Giant Robo first appeared in Weekly Shonan Sunday in 1967. The Giant Robo manga (comics) first appeared in a weekly comic book called Weekly Shōnen Sunday on May 1967. Written by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Giant Robo tells the story of Daisaku Kusama, the titular Robo and an evil secret society known only as “Big Fire.” In October of the same year, a live-action adaptation premiered on TV Asahi.