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Making a Great Music Video for Zero Budget

“Good ideas will replace a lack of cash any day.” – Mike Rogers

Su Ko D Koi – Japanese girls band

     I was asked by a friend to help with making a music video for a band. My friend is on the other side of the earth, so I don’t know how much help I can be.

     So here is my freebie advice (for what it is worth)….First things first… As far as making a video. My friend wrote that she’s: “been given the opportunity to produce/direct a music video for the title track of a soon-to-be-released CD.”

     I can guess that she reached out to me because she might not know where to start. That’s normal. I’m the same way every time I make a video.

     I always remember one important thing that my hero Quentin Tarantino once said (I’m paraphrasing here):

     “It is not necessary that I know how to do everything: camera, editing, lighting, etc…. As the producer/director/writer it is only important that I have a vision and am smart enough to gather people around me who have more talent and are smarter than me. Also, after I gather them, it is ultimately most important that I am skilled enough in communication to get them to understand my vision….. That’s all.

     I used to be a (sort of) good cameraman and editor and lighting… Now? I have gotten old and my eyes are bad so I can’t see if the shots are in focus…. The editing software constantly changes so I don’t know how to use the new software and am very slow (always was)…. The lighting? I can still do that…. (Yuji Wada who does the lighting for all of Sophie Coppola’s movies – Lost in Translation, etc. – was my teacher and best friend.)

     But it is better for me to find people who are better than me and smarter than me to work on the project. I just have to make sure they understand the vision and to have them help me achieve that vision.

     Always remember: We don’t hire smart/talented people so that we can tell them what to do; we hire people smarter and more talented than us so that they tell us what to do! (We tell them the vision. They tell us how to implement).


     A while back, I stumbled upon this (at the time) unknown girls band, named Su Ko D Koi. I liked them a lot and asked them if we could make their video (as a DJ, I do have an eye and ear for what might become big). We had a zero budget of course. So, we figured the best way is to shoot their live show, rehearsal, and not spend any money. Then we add some “spice” to make the video fun and entertaining.

     The basic way to do this for a music video? Shoot at the venue of a live show for that band. Shoot the live show but also shoot full dress rehearsal a few hours before the live show. (Why at a venue? Because one of the biggest problems with cheap assed videos is poor lighting… At most venues they have professional lighting. Use it.) Also have the band make damned sure the venue knows what is going on (they have to know, someone needs to control the lighting!) Every one shows up to sound check/rehearsal at least 1.5 hours early ready to start.

Use at least two cameras. Shoot the exact same song (Shoot the exact same song (lip synched to CD) three times at full dress rehearsal (these are almost all very close up shots). Then two cameras shooting the song performed live one time. (Tell the band to play live as close to the CD recording as possible because syncing up for edit is difficult and time consuming if versions are different or timing is different.)

     Also remember:

1) For bands that do not move around a lot: Move the cameras around a lot to create the feel of action.
2) At the dress rehearsal shoots: Tell the lighting people to do the lighting the same as the actual live.
3) Make sure the bands tell the venue  way before the day of the shoot. Thank the venue folks for supporting your efforts (make damned sure the venue name appears in the video or at the ending – ask the venue boss for a logo to be sent to you. – Hell, you never know, if you do a good job, the venue might ask you back!)
4) For one song, it takes at least three or four takes at rehearsal to get footage you need. That only takes 15 ~ 25 minutes. But set up takes time… Make sure everyone (and venue lighting people) know what’s going on and arrive 1.5 hours earlier than usual.
5) If the band will be lip syncing to a song, better make damned sure you have that song on a CD (and a backup CD) when you get to the club…. Duh!

The Actual Video Concept?

     This is the producers/directors/writers job (that’s you). Come up with an idea for the base. This will be the “Spice” that makes the video stand out. Make sure everyone “gets it.”

This Su Ko D Koi video was completely inspired by the ending theme of the Monkees TV show from the sixties (See below). This video was a smash success and one of their most viewed videos of all time (even though the budget was basically zero). 170,000 views in less than 2 years (actually, over 200,000 views adding in another link that we have deleted now.)

Here is the original Monkees TV show ending for your reference:

Original Monkees TV Show ending:

We use this low-budget concept for almost all the videos we make. My partner (and video genius extraordinaire), Ken Nishikawa, (and I) make these videos for basically free for bands because music has given us a good life and we want to “pay back” and help Indies bands…. In most cases, if we don’t help these indies bands make a professional video, they’ll never have one.

Su Ko D Koi is now becoming very famous in Japan…. The next band, Shonen Knife, has been famous for a long time. We shot their video in order to give ourselves some credibility. Oh, and they also paid us a little bit because they are so cool – and famous! But the basic plan: Shoot dress rehearsal before a live show and the live show to cut costs remains the same.

This video was inspired by 1960s Beatles videos and an old 1930s movie of the title I’ve forgotten.  The archival scenes inside the video can be used for free from here (read terms of use: You’ll have to write to them to get clearance, but they are happy if you credit them and use their footage!

Shonen Knife – Ghost Train:

     The Shonen Knife video was made for less than a few hundred dollars. But you don’t have to tell your client that. There are LOTS of band video on the internet around that cost several thousand dollars that are terrible! The trick is to get your $100 video to look like it cost $5,000 or $10,000 or more!

     Always remember that: “Good ideas will replace a lack of cash any day.”

     That’s my best advice on making a great band video.

Some others we made using the technique above:

The Pats Pats – A.A.A. (We did shoot some shots with them hugging and playing with a cat…. But the cat wasn’t cooperative at all and got mad and scratched one of the girls (uh oh!) so we trashed all those shots…. Working with animals? Not recommended.) Oh, and can you tell that this Pats Pats video was shot at the same venue as much of the Shonen Knife video was shot at?

Make sure the venue you choose has great lighting – dark clubs are not good.

This next one is an old one from a punk band from Kobe. I want you to look at this one as it uses archival footage from too (like the Shonen Knife video). Once again, there’s tons of great footage at but you have to write to them…. Don’t be lazy! It just takes a few minutes to write to these kind people and ask them for permission! And, as in this case, it’s well worth the effort… Not every Japanese punk band can be in a video with the legendary Bela Lugosi!

The Soap – The Street

The next video of Japan’s seminal rock band, the Privates, was shot before a live show at a club in Shinjuku. The club’s stage was so small that we moved the band to the crowd area and shot there. This was done with three cameras and four takes lip synched to the CD. This club is small and, since the Privates were playing there, it was sold out months in advance (of course)… So there is no live footage because that club was sardine can packed that night!

This video was directed by Ken Nishikawa. Brilliant editing by Ken too… It reminds me of trippy music videos from back in the days when people dropped a lot of acid (Repo-Man reference for those of you paying attention.)

The Privates – Action Woman

Here’s another old one: Moja! This got great reviews…. Moja is interesting as they are a very difficult band to capture their true spirit in a video. Has to be live…. Lots of spice.

Moja – Hello Hello

Ken and I with the team also made a full length motion picture that hits theaters in Japan in Sept. 2017. The same concept for the music videos. Lots of fast cuts, on sync, good lighting….

Oh, and the last important thing, always believe in the project. You have to believe in yours. I always believe in mine or I don’t do them. As for this movie, we have garnered a deal with a very famous Japanese major film studio for release as well as some film festivals. I found out later that my team didn’t think that was possible (so maybe I need to work on convincing people and explaining the vision). But I expected to sell the movie and I expected success.

Believe in your project. Believe in yourself.

Ghostroads – A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story

The ideas above will work for all music videos. So what are you waiting for?

Thanks to my genius friend and partner Ken Nishikawa. Without him, I couldn’t do anything!

Cool & Strange Music for April 12, 2016! Stan Freberg, The Privates (Japan), Messer Chups!

We’re back to Cool & Strange Music for April 12, 2016! And we have a special edition! And we have a world debut!

At #3 is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo named, The Privates. These guys have been rocking for over 30 years! April 16 is “Record Store Day” and they’re going to release their cover version of the 1966 hit by the American band, “The Litter.” Here’s the Privates FB page:

#3) The Privates – Action Woman

At #2 is a regular on the Cool & Strange Music Countdown. It’s Messer Chups. They are one of my favorite acts of the year! They are a Surf Rock trio, Oleg Gitaracula, Zombierella and Dr Boris, from St. Petersburg Russia. Do they surf in Russia? Sounds like a Ramones record. They are hot! Here is their FB page, check it out:

#2) Messer Chups – Sex Euro And Evils Pop

At #1 is another twisted tune like the Tom Lehrer song from a few weeks ago, “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.” This song, too is hilarious. It is by comedian and music composer, Stan Freberg. What makes this tune incredible is that it is only Stan in the studio and he is doing both voices of a couple named John and Marsha. He goes all through the trials and tribulations of a relationship, and he does it by only saying “John” and “Marsha.” It’s hilarious. The engineers for this recording must have been shocked when Stan walked in and started recording this treasure!

#1) Stan Freberg – John and Marsha

Well that’s it for Cool & Strange Music for this week. Have a great week! – Mike in Tokyo Rogers


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Top 3 Videos for April 9, 2016! Doll Skin, Rews, Ginger Wildheart, Japan’s own The Privates!

It’s Top 3 Video time! The best of the Top 3 (duh!) videos chosen by vote by millions of young Japanese fans from all over the country! (OK, well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration!).

At #3 is Doll Skin. An 4 piece-all-girl punk outfit from Phoenix, Arizona that was sent to us by Girl-In-The-Know, the mysterious Kona Cindy. But this is not the first time Cindy has pestered us to play this band! And it’s not their first time on our chart, either. I think these girls are still teenagers. They were just in Revolver online magazine….Here’s their FB page:

These girls are fucking hot!

#3) Doll Skin – Let’s Be Honest

At #2 are two girls from London who are making a buzz. They are called Rews. They call themselves, “Alternative Pop Rock.” I call them “Hot!”. They are from London. Deal with it. They were also on the Top 3 in March. Here’s their FB page:

#2) REWS – Shake Shake

At #1! Does he even need an introduction? Here’s Ginger Wildheart! Ginger Wildheart (born David Walls; 17 December 1964 in South Shields, in the North East of England) is a rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, best known for his band, The Wildhearts. AND he will be a guest on my radio show, WTF?, tomorrow morning (Apr. 10, 2016.) Go Like his FB page:

#1) Ginger Wildheart & Courtney Love – Honour

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! Japan’s own, The Privates! The Privates are fricking HOT! They’ve been Alternative rock gods in Japan since the 80s. Here’s their FB page:

Their newest single, a cover of the sixties classic, “Action Woman,” goes on sales April 16! Check it here:

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST! The Privates – Drive All Night

Well, that’s it for today! See you next week!!!!!  – Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers




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マイクとタロヲの渋谷Milkywayの新年会 2016年1月20日(水)開催決定!

it’s the 2016 New Year’s Party of the Year! (Does that make sense?) The Neatbeats, the 50 Kaitenz and the Privates! Japan’s best underground Rock n roll bands! Click the link below (in blue) to get a free ticket!

マイクとタロヲの渋谷Milkywayの新年会 2016年1月20日(水)開催決定!

Featuring! The Neatbeats, The 50 Kaitenz, The Privates!

参加希望の方は(限定200名)入場料 (1 Drink@door ¥500)


*この日は映画の撮影もあり、新年会参加者は全員映画のエキストラになっていただきます。従いましてご応募頂く事で本映画で使用される映像の権利は全て制作のROBOT55合同会社(担当Mike Rogers)が保有することに同意したものとみなします。

渋谷Milkywayの新年会 2016年1月20日(水)開催決定!The Neatbeats, 50 Kaitenz, The Privates! 入場料 (1 Drink@door ¥500)早いもの勝ち!予約希望者→予約:
*この日は映画の撮影もあり、新年会参加者は全員映画のエキストラになっていただきます。従いましてご応募頂く事で本映画で使用される映像の権利は全て制作のROBOT55合同会社(担当Mike Rogers)が保有することに同意したものとみなします。


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残すところあと24時間(9月29日2015年に終了!)A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story Crowdfunding Final 24 Hours!

LAST 24 HOURS! A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story Movie! (Ends Sept. 29, 2015)



This is our crowdfunding last 24 hours. Thanks to all who have supported. To any others, this is our last chance!

今日9月28日(月)は最後の24時間。参加してくれました方、ありがとうございました。。。まだ参加していない人はLAST CHANCE! よろしくおねがいします!Let’s Rock N Roll!

ココです (check the page here):

トレイラー(See the Trailer here):

ビデオ編集格安、ビデオ撮影格安、動画制作東京、格安ビデオ制作, 格安, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー



At Robot55 we make video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

ROBOT55 はビジネス、商業、製品紹介動画の制作のみならず、アートや音楽の映像も創っております。ビジネス動画においてはウェブ動画時代の到来に合わせ、お求めや すい¥70,000という格安価格より承ります。ご予算に応じて皆様にご満足のいく高品質動画を制作致します。勿論インディー・バンド向けPV制作も行っ ております。よ!


ビ デオ編集格安、ビデオ撮影格安、動画制作東京、格安ビデオ制作, 格安, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー,  格安, ビジネスビデオ制作, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー, A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story, Japanese, Rock n Roll, Neatbeats, 50 Kaitenz, The Privates

You Have to Have a Punk Spirit! Notes on Crowdfunding in Japan and A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story

I started a Crowdfunding campaign in Japan on June 25, 2015. It is still going on. The campaign ends on Sept. 26, 2015. These are notes on my thoughts on what’s going on with this. I hope, if you are thinking about Crowdfunding, you can read this and, perhaps, learn a few things and it will benefit your efforts.

In my case, we are making a Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story movie. The trailer is at the bottom of this page or you can view it at the top of the Crowdfunding page here (the trailer has English subtitles):

When I started this project, I decided to try to get funding from some big companies. It’s impossible to make a professional quality movie without a lot of money so, over a span of about 2 1/2 months from March 2015 to Late May 2015, I went to several big music companies. The reaction from the presidents of companies I met was very warm and positive. Everyone knows that, since the  Tokyo Olympics are coming to Japan in 2020, there is a golden opportunity to show the world the spirit of real Japanese Rock and Roll and not the J-Pop girls and boy bands that all the major labels try in vain to promote overseas. Three of the major companies offered me a lot of money. But there was a catch; the artists I started this project with – my team – would be replaced by pop artists.

I can’t do that. For one, the Neatbeats, the Privates and the 50 Kaitenz are my favorite Japanese rock bands. For two, they are my friends and my team (and one does not betray their friends and team!), and; third, this is a rock and roll movie. I think that the spirit, the music and the love of rock and roll that these bands encompass, can be extremely popular overseas.

I really do believe that. I believe in these bands.

Finally, the last reason, I am an old punk rocker at heart and I have come to the conclusion that, in my life, I will never achieve major, mainstream success. This was a sad realization for me, but it is true. When my old and dear friend, Taro Furukawa said this to me, it was like an arrow through my heart, but I also knew that, deep down in my heart, he is right and it is true.

So, I decided to not accept money from big companies and do this movie as an indie movie. Is it impossible? Sometimes I think so, but I must continue and push forward no matter what. But, during this time, Nobuhara san from the Privates said something to me that was really wonderful. He said, “We don’t need lots of money. We just need a punk spirit!” That was like a light going off in my head!

So I decided to go get a Crowdfunding partner. I went to Cyber Agent and met the president of Crowdfunding for that company. I presented the idea for the movie to him and he and his staff loved it. So we started the campaign on June 25, 2015. I wanted to do a 4 or 6 week campaign; it was at the advice of the Crowdfunding company to make the campaign three months (which is way too long!)

Also, as a producer, it is my duty to make the best movie we can possibly make; I went out and got other professional people to help me. Everyone is doing this project as a volunteer and I am most grateful to everyone. Yet, it is my duty to make this the biggest happening and most successful movie that I can possibly make.

That also means I have a duty to try to get as much money as possible and to pay all my people and team.

About the money and the volunteers; thanks so much. I am trying to make this a hit movie (as much as possible) and to make it into a profitable movie. That means, that even if you volunteered to help us, if we make money, then I must make every effort to at least pay you for your time or, at least, train fare!

So, please understand why I am so “pushy” on Facebook, email and Twitter. I don’t want to push so hard, but it is my duty to all the bands and volunteers and everyone who is helping us. A successful movie, like any project, is made by preparation. This effort (and Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is a part of that effort. Like I said, I don’t want to bother everyone constantly, but it is my duty and everyone deserves my best effort.

I’m sorry if you think, “Mike is so persistent!” But I also hope you understand why and know that I don’t want to be so… It is a part of the job and my duty, to our bands, friends and volunteer, as a movie producer.

Anyway, about Crowdfunding, here are things I learned:

  1. You can’t really depend on the Crowdfunding companies to do any promotion for you. You have to do it yourself.
  2. The Crowdfunding companies all take about a 20% margin. Make sure that the company you choose includes credit card charges in that 20% margin.
  3. Our project is an “International Project.” I recruited a famous producer to help me. He has won at Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. He has also been nominated for an Academy Award. I brought him in to give us reputation overseas. Big Problem: The Crowdfunding company does not accept LOTS of foreign credit cards. Our campaign lost over ¥500,000 because of this problem. I think it will take a long time for Japanese Crowdfunding companies to arrange foreign credit cards.
  4. The staff at the company I choose seem to be overworked. I can write them an email and sometimes do not get an answer from them for two or three days. That is not acceptable. This is the internet age; I expect an answer with a day. If it is an internet company (which the Crowdfunding company is) then I expect an answer within 2 hours.
  5. Crowdfunding in Japan, as of today, is still a relatively new thing. Lots of people don’t understand it.
  6. There is a Catch 22 in the Crowdfunding. I calculated that I needed ¥5 million yen to make this movie. I expect to get at least 1/2 that money (after paying the Crowdfunding company)… Where will I get the other money? I have to go back and talk to some big companies again…
  7. When our campaign started, I spent at least 6 ~ 8 hours a day, everyday, seven days a week for over three weeks sending out direct Facebook messages, Twitter and direct emails to all my friends and connections (No BCC!). I think that’s why we hit our initial money target within the first 15 days. If you do Crowdfunding, then you had better be prepared to do this same effort. Everyone will get sick of hearing from you, but you have a duty to the other people who are helping you.

In early August, I saw a message on Twitter from girl that said, “On Facebook and Twitter, everything is ‘Mike.'” She wasn’t mad, but I took that as a message that people were getting sick of hearing about it. So I toned it down and basically did zero promotion during that month. Now that we are in our last few weeks, I have to start promoting again.

Even if it kills me, we’re going to make this movie and it is going to be one the great memories of our lives for 2015 ~2016.

Please forgive me for being so persistent. It is the bed I made, so now I must lay down it it. Thanks so much for your time and most kind consideration.

In life I think you have to have punk spirit and you have to be persistent as hell!



At Robot55 we make video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

ROBOT55 はビジネス、商業、製品紹介動画の制作のみならず、アートや音楽の映像も創っております。ビジネス動画においてはウェブ動画時代の到来に合わせ、お求めや すい¥70,000という格安価格より承ります。ご予算に応じて皆様にご満足のいく高品質動画を制作致します。勿論インディー・バンド向けPV制作も行っ ております。よ!


ビ デオ編集格安、ビデオ撮影格安、動画制作東京、格安ビデオ制作, 格安, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー,  格安, ビジネスビデオ制作, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー, A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story, Japanese, Rock n Roll, Neatbeats, 50 Kaitenz, The Privates

Japanese Culture Magazine, “Saiko” Features A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story!

The well known magazine about Japanese culture Saiko has an article featuring A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story. Saiko magazine is described as, “SAIKO Magazine is a cosplay magazine that features Conventions, Cosplayers, Games, Anime/Manga, Anime Communities, Interviews, and Voice Acting!” The zine is run by Japanologist Daniel Grunebaum. (Go “Like” their Facebook page here.)

Here’s the link to the story. Please check it! (

Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story, Neatbeats, ROBOT55, The 50 kaitenz, The Privates

Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story, Neatbeats, ROBOT55, The 50 Kaitenz, The Privates

Go directly to the English Crowdfunding page here:

A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story movie now has a Facebook Page. Please come and “Like” Our page!

To read more about the movie, please refer to: A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story – The Team and the Story


At Robot55 we make Top 3 videos and Top 3 New Artist videos and other video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

ROBOT55 はビジネス、商業、製品紹介動画の制作のみならず、アートや音楽の映像も創っております。ビジネス動画においてはウェブ動画時代の到来に合わせ、お求めや すい¥70,000という格安価格より承ります。ご予算に応じて皆様にご満足のいく高品質動画を制作致します。勿論インディー・バンド向けPV制作も行っ ております。よ!



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A Japanese Rock N Roll Ghost Story Facebook Page Up!

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To read more about the movie, please refer to: A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story – The Team and the Story

Here is the Crowdfunding page:



At Robot55 we make Top 3 videos and Top 3 New Artist videos and other video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

ROBOT55 はビジネス、商業、製品紹介動画の制作のみならず、アートや音楽の映像も創っております。ビジネス動画においてはウェブ動画時代の到来に合わせ、お求めや すい¥70,000という格安価格より承ります。ご予算に応じて皆様にご満足のいく高品質動画を制作致します。勿論インディー・バンド向けPV制作も行っ ております。よ!



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A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story – The Team and the Story

We are making Japan’s first ever “Rock and Roll Horror” film. It is called “A Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghost Story” and features some of Japan’s coolest Rock ‘n’ Roll bands.

Here is the crowdfunding page (English page should be ready any moment):

ビデオ編集格安、ビデオ撮影格安、動画制作東京、格安ビデオ制作, 格安, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー

ビデオ編集格安、ビデオ撮影格安、動画制作東京、格安ビデオ制作, 格安, ロボット・ゴー・ゴー

The movie is about a rock musician who is slowly going insane. He believes that he can be immortal by writing the perfect song. He is pushed along by a ghost who promises to help him. By the end of the movie the perfect song is completed; is the musician dead or has he gone completely insane? (The full synopsis below).

Here’s our bands, actors and introduction to the team.

The Neatbeats

The Neatbeats are easy to describe. They are the “Japanese Beatles!” And they are hot. The Neatbeats often tour Europe and are on the road constantly throughout the year. The Neatbeats main vocal will be main actor in movie. He can act well (watch the trailer!) and has been on TV and radio many times and has also acted in one small part in a movie before.

The Neatbeats – Twistin’ Time With You:

The Privates

The Privates are easy to describe too. How about “The Japanese Buzzcocks!” They have been rocking Japan’s underground scene for more than 30 years!

The Privates – Drive All Night:

The 50 Kaitenz

And last but not least, the 50 Kaitenz. A punk band from Osaka that is punkishly hilarious!

The 50 Kaitenz on Fuji TV Special:

The production team: 

 Producer/Co-Director Mike Rogers 


Mike Rogers and Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story

Mike Rogers and Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story

Mike was the lead vocalist of the 1970s L.A. Punk band, The Rotters, that were a One-Hit Wonder with the smash punk classic, “Sit on my Face, Stevie Nix.” He won film awards at Moorpark college (1st Place Sophomore Class 1978) and at the UCLA International Film Festival (3rd Place Senior Class 1980). Mike has lived in Japan since 1984 and was the first foreigner in Japan’s history to be the general manager of a major Japanese broadcasting station. He has made many hit TV and radio shows over the years in Japan. In late 2014, Mike nearly died in the hospital, and it was there that he decided that, come hell or high water, he was going to make this film before he dies. Remember that scene in the Blues Brothers at the church where the heavens opened up and Belushi saw “the light”? Yeah? Well, it was like that… sort of… but not nearly as funny.

Consultant Patrick Cunningham

Patrick Cunningham

Patrick Cunningham

Our consultant is Patrick Cunningham. Patrick is an award winning Hollywood producer now living in Japan. Patrick’s bio on IMDB says Patrick is a casting director and producer, known for Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011), Never Met Picasso (1996) and Descendants (2008).

Martha Marcy May Marlene:

Co-Director Enrico Ciccu.

Enrico Ciccu

Enrico Ciccu

Enrico is a talented young director from Italy now in Japan and he has a great flair and an eye for art. His works are always incredibly different and visually appealing. He has made many promotional videos, short movie and music videos.

Here is a recent work: Julie – Johnny Guitar

Lighting Director Yuji Wada.

Yuji Wada

Yuji Wada

Yuji is a famous Hollywood lighting director (and old friend of Mike’s). Yuji does the lighting for all of Sofia Cappola’s movies including the smash hit “Lost in Translation” as well as others.

Lost in Translation:

Camera Ken Nishikawa.

Ken Nishikawa

Ken Nishikawa

Ken Nishikawa is camera and he is former BBC. Ken has worked for nearly 3 decades making TV productions and music videos (Shonen Knife, Glen Matlock, many famous Japanese bands) with him. Here is one of our favorites:

Shonen Knife – Ghost Train:

Business Advisor Haji Taniguchi.

Haji Taniguchi

Haji Taniguchi

Haji was the president of Avex Trax Music Publishing and retired last year. He is currently the president of the MPAJ (Music Publishers Association of Japan) as well as a Board Member of The International Confederation of Music Publishers as well as Vice-Chairman of PROMIC (Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture). He is handling the business side distribution, foreign TV and film licensing and all publishing rights for the music for our movie.

Haji Taniguchi:

Advisor/consultant Aki Morishita. 

Aki Morishita

Aki Morishita

Aki was the vice-president of Fuji Pacific Music Publishing (the world’s largest music publisher) as well as the former vice-president of EMI and Virgin Music. Aki is advising on all areas of production as well as film licensing and all publishing and mechanical and synchronization rights for the music.




Takashi is a struggling small town rock musician who dreams of becoming a big rock star someday. He struggles so much so that he begins to be going slowly insane. His friends, family and band members worry about him.


In his town, there is a sort of “Rock and Roll boom.” One other musician, Nobu, came from that very same town has become somewhat famous and now plays in larger clubs and venues in Tokyo. There are rumors that the Nobu is about to be signed to a major record label. Because of this success, others dream of following him and a few Live Houses have opened up in that small town. The town becomes a sort of Mecca for music.


Takashi and Nobu were friends since they were in elementary school. In high school, they played in the same band. But now that Nobu has become famous, he treats Takashi poorly and disrespects him at every turn. Nobu has thrown away his past friends and now has his sights on superstardom.


Of course, Takashi also dreams of becoming like Nobu. He and his band keep trying hard, but something just doesn’t click and they fail to attract any crowds or attention. In spite of the lack of success, Takashi keeps at it and decides that he must keep refining his “pure” sound and so he spends all his money on antique musical instruments and amplifiers. His studio is full of old sixties equipment. His family thinks it is a waste of money.


One day, Takashi finds an old guitar amplifier at a guitar shop. The amplifier is rumored to be haunted as it was owned by a very famous Blues musician who had a strange death. And, after the Blues musician died, bad things keep happening to all the past owners of the amp. So much so, that the guitar shop is selling the amp for a ridiculously low price. When Takashi buys the amp, the old guy running the shop tells him to always leave the amp unplugged when he is not using it.


Takashi takes the guitar amp back to his studio and begins to use it. From the first moment he plugs the amp in, strange things begin to happen; when Takashi is practicing alone at night, he begins to be visited by a ghost who plays along with him as he practices. They make fantastic music together.


Takashi is amazed and excitedly tells his other band members, friends and family about the man who comes to play with him at night. His band members really begin to think he is losing his mind. When they come to the studio to see for themselves, they can’t see any ghost and see nothing but a bunch of empty whiskey bottles and beer cans.


Somewhat surprised that the ghost didn’t appear when Takashi’s band members arrived, he gets mad at the ghost the next time he sees him. He tells the ghost that he wants the ghost help them to become famous. The ghost convinces Takashi, though, that the best way to make the band become famous is by helping Takashi only. If he helps the entire band, then one of them might become more popular and famous than Takashi. Greed gets the best of Takashi and he agrees. They then begin to discuss writing the perfect song.


It is at this time, the ghost tells Takashi to never tell anyone about him anymore. He says this because, he tells Takashi, “If you tell people about me, they will think you are crazy.” He also tells Takashi to never unplug or turn off the amplifier; it must be left on at all times.


The normally talkative Takashi begins to become reclusive and quiet. This sudden change in attitude by Takashi is quite obvious to everyone around. It becomes even more worrisome when people overhear Takashi talking to the ghost, but they think he is talking to himself. But, since the amp is on all time, he can talk to the ghost and the ghost talks to him anywhere, not just the studio.


In fact, because the amp is on, the ghost follows Takashi around and sometimes bothers him for no particular reason. For example, the ghost appears in town up the street staring at Takashi and when Takashi runs up to talk to the ghost, he disappears around a corner or is standing at a distance just watching Takashi. Or is this just part of Takashi’s imagination too? We begin to wonder.


As Takashi and the ghost begin to create the perfect song together, suddenly things seem to be looking up for Takashi’s band. Even the band’s member’s notice that Takashi’s performances have suddenly become very good and something special has happened to him.


No one else can see or hear the ghost excepting for Takashi. Nevertheless, and even after the ghost tells him to tell no one, he continually talks about him. Due to Takashi’s repeated discussions about the ghost, his band and friends and family are sure he must be going crazy.


Arguments with band members and family who all suspect him to be going insane being to increase to a constant pace. Takashi begins to stay up all night rehearsing with the ghost so much so that he stops going to work for lack of sleep. One day, after another show with few customers, three of the members finally tell the leader they want to quit the band.


Takashi discusses this situation with the ghost. The ghost tells him not to worry because after he writes the perfect song, then everything will fall into order. Takashi is thankful to the ghost. It is here where we learn the true intentions of the ghost; in return for helping Takashi write the perfect song, the ghost wants Takashi’s band member’s souls for his own band in hell. He wants Takashi to kill his band.


He never says it directly but phrases it more like, “You can help your band members reach their dreams too. You can help them to become immortal. After all, it’s what they really want.” The ghost convinces Takashi that the band and him can become like great rock stars of the past when they all die.


Takashi reluctantly agrees with the ghost and decides he must try to kill his band. But, after several chances, he just cannot do it. He tells the ghost, “I just can’t. Please take my soul instead.”


The ghost laughs and replies, “I already have your soul!”


One day, Takashi leaves the amp on and goes to a concert. The ghost comes along. There they walk into the club and no one sees the ghost, of course. They meet Nobu.


Nobu is in shock. He looks straight at the ghost and his eyes open wide and his jaw drops. He ghost says, “Hey Nobu! How ya doin’? Nice to see you again. Told you I’d keep my end of the deal if you kept yours. Why did you sell our amplifier?”


Takashi is dumbfounded. Nobu’s attitude towards Takashi takes a 180 degree turn. Suddenly, he no longer is rude to him or disrespectful, it seems he fears Takashi.


Nobu wonders, “What kind of a deal has Takashi made?”


Later, at night, when Takashi and the ghost are alone, the ghost says, “OK. Takashi, my friend, it’s time to finish the deal and the song.”


Takashi turns on the recorder and they begin to play. Gradually, the room begins to spin and turn white and the two in the studio begin to float up into the air as if they are entering heaven. Everywhere is white like they are in the clouds. Takashi looks up as they play music and suddenly sees his other band members playing. They are standing and looking stoic – Takashi recognizes some of them as Nobu’s former band members – they play music together. Takashi grimaces and the entire scene is engulfed in white.


The perfect song is made. It remains on the recorder.


Takashi finally, gets what he wanted. Is Takashi dead or has he gone completely insane?





日本初ロックンロール・ホラー映画を一緒に作ろう! – 5日目


Japanese Rock ‘N’ Roll Ghost Storyのクラウドファンディングが始まって5日目。お陰様で既に目標金額の30%を超えるサポートを頂き、誠に嬉しく思います!この場を借りてもう一度、僕のCPUより感謝致します!

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