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Top 3 Videos for Mar. 3, 2016! The Mirror Trap, The Love Me Nots, The Jacques, Eddie Legend Story!

Welcome back to the Top 3 Video countdown. The Top 3 Indies Artists Videos for the week of Mar. 3, 2016! We’ve got a hot line-up for you today!

First up is a band that has appeared on the countdown before. Today makes their 3rd time. It’s the Jacques from Bristol England. The Jacques are made up of two sets of brothers. The band was formed in early 2014, and were then a support band for The Libertines show at Hyde Park. They were signed at that very same show by The Libertines drummer Gary Powell for his 25 Hour Convenience Store label. Here’s their FB page:

#3) The Jacques – Weekends

Next up is a band who first appeared on our countdown last week (but we have been playing on our radio show for years!) It’s the Love Me Nots! They are from Phoenix Arizona. They are two hot chicks and two dudes (OK, well, one can’t have everything!) and here is their FB page. Go “Like” it!

#2) The Love Me Nots – You Gotta Go

At #1 are a fantastic new band called the Mirror Trap and they are from Scotland. And!!!! Taa-daa! I have big news! the Mirror Trap will be playing at Summersonic 2016 in Japan along with Radiohead and Underworld! Wow! They will also have an album release in Japan on the very cool Vinyl Junkie Label to coincide! Here’s the webpage for the album at Vinyl Junkie:

Here’s their FB page:

#1) The Mirror Trap – New Trance

Oh, and did I tell you that the Mirror Trap are appearing at Summersonic with Radiohead and Underworld? I did? Great!

top_lineup2 (1) 2

Be there or miss the chance to see this great lineup and The Mirror Trap’s japan debut. Here’s a link to the Summersonic webpage:

TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Today’s Spotlight Artist from Japan is a Garage Surf Rock/Psychobilly Band from Tokyo. Their name is the Eddie Legend Story. Lead by, who else? Eddie Legend, one helluva hot guitarist and he is doing so many projects at once, I can’t keep up. Eddie Legend doesn’t have a FB page, but they do have a blog They also have a lot of cool videos. Check out today’s pick! This kind of stuff goes on every night in Tokyo! Really! 😉

SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Eddie Legend Story – Devil Men

Well, that’s it for today! See you next week!!!!!  – Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers




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