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Gaijin Gourmet! Great Cheap and Delicious Soba in Gaienmae on Ginza Line!

Welcome Tokyo travelers to another installment of “Gaijin Gourmet” or “Great places to eat in Tokyo for Super-Cheapskates (like me)” written and researched by me, Mike Rogers, cheap-bastard connoisseur extraordinaire and one of Japan’s top Gaijin experts on good tachi-gui (stand up and eat) soba shops.I’ve been doing these specials shows for your folks who will be traveling to Tokyo for the Tokyo Olympics and don’t want to spend $500 (USD) for a Tuna Sandwich every time you need to eat! (OK. $500 is a bit of an exaggerration… Writer’s privilege and all…)
Today, I’d like to introduce you to a shop named Shinetsu near Gaienmae Station.

This place is excellent soba for the price!

Shinetsu, interestingly, is located right next door to one of the finest (and most expensive) Italian restaurants in Tokyo: Sabatini. I thought that was funny because a fine Italian dinner with some Italian guys singing the same old 8 songs over and over right into your ear at your table as well as wine for two next door at Sabatini can easily run ¥50,000 yen! ($600 USD)

Whereas Sabatini is great for expensive Italian, so is Shinetsu for delicious cheap-assed soba! But, I reckon if you were going on an important date with that special someone or planning to do something stupid, like say, propose marriage, then Sabatini is probably a better bet. Just a guess….

Or, if you have a sense of humor, you could tell her that you are taking her “Someplace special. How about something realy special like Sabatini?” When she smiles and says, “Oh, Brad!” You know you’ve got her! (Get it? It is like Sabatini; they are both near Gaienmae station exit #3)
Bwa! Ha! Ha! If she doesn’t walk out on you when you walk into the stand up soba, then you’ve found a real keeper!

This  meal with cold soba, inari sushi 
and tempura topping for ¥540 and it tastes pretty delicious!

Two people can eat excellent soba and toppings freshly made on the premises for ¥1,200 (the water is free and all-you-can-drink!)

Extremely clean kitchen!
And, as usual, a spotless kitchen is a must for me and you can see into the kitchen from the counter at Shinetsu. The tempura and all toppings are made on premises and the soba is good quality for a extremely reasonable price.
Don’t bother going there right at lunch time between 12:00 noon and 1 pm on a weekday, because there will be a line and there’s no place to sit… Er, I mean, there’s never any place to sit anyway – so it’s not good for a first date – but fantastic for a quick lunch for the businessman or traveler on the run!

The place is about a 30 second walk from Gaienmae Station Exit 3.

Here’s the address: 
Shinetsu Soba
Kita Aoyama 2-13-4 Tot Aoyama 1F.
東京都港区北青山2丁目13-4 ToT青山1F
Tot Aoyama Bldg. 1F
Kita Aoyama 2-13-4, Minato Ku, Tokyo
Here’s a map:

To get to Shinetsu Soba, take the Ginza line to Gaienmae. Exit 3. Thirty seconds walk. 


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At Robot55 we make video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

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Key Hunter – Classic Japanese Sixties TV Show〜懐かしの60年代テレビ番組 キーハンター

In searching for a type of music for a video production we are currently making, I turned to get inspiration from a 1960’s Japanese television detective series entitled “Key Hunter.” Key Hunter was a smash hit on Japanese TV between 1968 to 1973. I got lucky because I found a version with English subtitles!

Wikipedia says:

Key Hunter (キイハンター) was a prime-time Japanese television detective series. It aired on Saturday nights in the 9:00–9:56 p.m. time slot on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) network from April 6, 1968 to April 7, 1973. There were a total of 262 episodes, and it was one of the most popular action dramas in Japan at the time. The story involved “Key Hunter”, a special clandestine unit of the International Police, which endeavored to solve various crimes. “Key Hunter” was a unique TV show, which started out as a grand scale spy thriller never before seen in Japan. The episodes were individually themed on global crimes and political strife. The initial hardboiled theme later evolved to include intellectual elements involving action, and occasionally with comical elements as well. Tetsuro Tamba starred in the 1967 film “You Only Live Twic”e as Japanese Secret Service agent Tiger Tanaka, an ally of James Bond. This role greatly influenced his image in “Key Hunter”.

I really like the images and production in Key Hunter. I laughed out loud at the video at the very beginning where the guy is in bed kissing the girl and suddenly pulls out a gun and points it at someone; I love that style of Hollywood “Camp.”

This program is an inspiration to me because I really like how, in spite of a low budget (like all Japanese shows of the sixties) – and excepting the car crashing over the side of the mountain and exploding into flames – the director and production crew use good ideas and creativity to make a compelling story and an interesting image to watch. This is brilliant work!

The music is also fabulous.

I am especially interested in the sixties in Japan because that was when the first Tokyo Olympics was held and we have the 2020 Tokyo Olympics coming up. The sixties throughout the eighties in Japan were a Golden Time. I look to those days to bring art and inspiration to all our video productions in Tokyo.

Often times, when companies make promotion videos for their products or services, video production companies use library music or stock footage. This has a few problems as there can often be a rights issue and sometimes, even with a contract, the creator has an issue with use of their music or images. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen many times.

You don’t have that problem with a video production done at Robot55; and you never will. Why? We always create our own original music and images for use in all our videos so you never have to worry about getting a letter from a lawyer representing Getty Images or some company that represents an artist’s musical rights telling you to pay several thousand dollars.

And I’ve seen that happen, more than once to other companies, so we don’t do that at all. Everything we use; images, music, sound effects, narrations are original and done specifically for you. There’s never a worry about rights or a time limit on a production we make for you.

With a video production made by Robot55, you won’t have anyone like the folks in Key Hunter chasing you down for use of music or images; we create quality and we are always 100% original. Everything we create for you, becomes yours. It’s yours forever.

Let me repeat that: 100% yours to use. Forever.

Contact us and let’s get started making your company, service or product video: