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Tokyo Under $5 a Meal! – The Gaijin Gourmet!

You CAN get a great meal in Tokyo, for under $5 USD! Really!

Where to find that information? Right here! Well, the Gaijin Gourmet (that’s me) has been blogging Gaijin Gourmet articles showing you where to go to get the best deals in Japan here at the site. 

Besides articles on where to find these places, at Robot55, we’ll be starting an entire video series introducing these places where you can get a great, healthy, safe and delicious meal for under $5 USD! These videos will be in English for folks coming to Japan and looking for the best places to eat well on a budget.

I have already written about the best budget sushi chain in Japan (see below); the best noodles shops; and the best places to get salads! Here’s a recent post in the series:

Gaijin Gourmet – Sukiya! Japan’s Best Gyudon (Beef Bowl)

Here’s a snippet:

The restaurant is Sukiya. Sukiya has almost 2000 shops in Japan so they are everywhere you are. And most Sukiya shops are open 24 hours a day. The only shop that has more restaurants is McBurgers, but I don’t have to introduce them to you. A few reasons: 1) McBurgers is not healthy. You don’t want your kids, or yourself, to be eating that stuff. 2) Sukiya has an extremely healthy menu with lots of very reasonably priced and delicious items. 3) The kids love Sukiya!

 Sukiya is a “Beef Bowl” chain. That means they specialize in serving some cooked meats on a bed of rice. It’s delicious and the price will drop your jaw. Since I am watching my weight, whenever I go to Sukiya, I always order the salad (there’s no salt or dressing on it, you add those yourself if you wish) and the “Healthy Gyudon” (that is called, “Gyudon Light” on the menu.) It is “light” because the calories are so low because this delicious menu item has a block of Tofu instead of the rice.
Sukiya is the ultimate answer to travelers on a budget who want to eat healthy and food that is not full of salt and oil. I give Sukiya 5+ stars. Seriously, I think you can’t beat them for taste, quality, cleanliness and price. A high quality, healthy and (Japanese style) low calorie meal can be had for as little as ¥380.
I usually order Gyudon Light (¥380 yen) and a salad (¥100) and drink the tea (free). I’m happy, I’ve eaten healthy and the damages? ¥480. Are you sitting down? That’s about $4 USD and THERE IS NO TIPPING!”

Folks, this morning set at Sukiya with a baked salmon, rice, pickled veggies and miso soup is under $4 (USD!) Incredible! 

I’ll be writing a bunch more of these in the coming months (the plan is to write at least one a week, so I hope you’ll go to check it out on

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So check it out, OK?

For now, here’s a whole bunch of them!

Looking for great deals on cheap eats in Japan?:


Looking for great deals on cheap eats in Japan?:

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