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This Week’s Top 3 New Artist Videos (03/17/15) 〜ミュージックビデオも制作

Time once again for this week’s Top 3 New Artist Videos for the week of March 17, 2015. This is where we showcase what we think are some the best three artists of the week and share their videos with you. This week I have some catching up to do, so some of these videos are already a year old. But no matter, they are still a part of the underground to this date. I play these artists and my songs on my regular weekly FM radio show, “What the Funday” on InterFM that is broadcast in Tokyo and Nagoya (and all over Japan on the network. You can listen to that (if you are in Japan) here:

So without further ado, let’s get to today’s Top 3.

#3) Prima Donna – Sociopath.

This band is from Los Angeles and they have been turning heads and making people sit up and take notice for quite a while now. The band formed in 2003, but didn’t release and album until 2008. In 2009, they opened for Green Day throughout its 21st Century Breakdown World Tour. This band is happening! PRIMA DONNA “Sociopath” (

#2) Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile.

I wanted to play Wolf Alice’s latest single for you, but I think it’s best for you to have some background on where this band’s head is at, so I will show you one of my favorite videos of last year. Wolf Alice are a four-piece alternative band from North London. Wolf Alice has been getting rave reviews. “Clash” magazine says of them, “…the lovechild of folk and grunge”. The “Fluffy” single by Wolf Alice had the band being compared to bands like Elastica and Hole. Well-known music critic, Kitty Empire, wrote that the sound of Wolf Alice was “an engaging strain of off-kilter indie rock”.

The band says they are a “Rock Pop” group. You decide. I think they are hot!

#1) Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian at Best.

At number 1 is Courtney Barnett! Courtney Barnett is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia. She is best known for witty lyrics and very dry, deadpan humor. In October of 2013, she started getting noticed in the US and UK press when she released her debut album and tore the house down with rave reviews at her  CMJ Music Marathon performances. From these shows, Courtney Barnett was mentioned by both the Rolling Stone magazine and The New York Times as a performer to watch out for.

Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best (

Well, that’s it for this week. Week after next, Robot55 is going to go make a video for a hot new girl’s band in Japan named, “Su Ko D Koi.” We played their song on the radio show and the reaction from the audience was amazing! We haven’t had that many calls and emails about a new artist in a long time. I hope to have that video up for you in the first week of April! Until then, see you next week with more cool alternative/underground/new artists!


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