There’s lots of video companies that promise to make videos for less or at 30% ~ 50% “less than the competition.” But what does that mean? Is it like the 30% off sales at clothes stores that, when you look at the price tags, you see isn’t isn’t really a sale at all?

Then, frankly speaking, they have all sorts of hidden costs and wind up not saving you money at all.

We at Robot55 will make your 30 second video for ¥70,000 (plus tax) and there are no hidden costs.

Here is also research data why your online advertising video should never be longer than 60 seconds and the optimum time is 30 seconds. Please refer to: Business and Social Media Videos? Keep it 30 Seconds! 60 Seconds at Most! (If that link doesn’t work, copy and paste this link into your browser):

Oh, and Twitter only handles videos 30 seconds or under, you if you want more people watching your video, why make it any longer?

Here are two examples of what we do for ¥70,000:

This is a bar in Shinjuku named Albatross. The ¥70,000 includes everything you see in this video (subtitles, cards, everything):

This is a restaurant in Fuchu:

These videos feature your or your spokesperson (under our professional direction), original music, and TV commercial quality. And, when we make it for you, it’s yours forever. No rules on when or where and for how long you can use the video.

If you want a 60 second version, that is only ¥80,000 (plus tax). Heck, we’ll even make both a 30 second and 60 second video for you for ¥100,000 (plus tax).

By the way, there’s an English language video boom coming to Japan. We have professional native English speakers and script writers too. You’ll need those in order to make a quality video that you’ll be proud of and won’t embarrass you later on when you find out the English is wrong in your video.

We have the basic video product as you see above for ¥70,000. If you wish to add extras, like a foreign announcer, Korean or Chinese subtitles, etc. Of course those are extra. But we have an upfront price list that we will gladly send you upon request. Everything is on the table.

Other companies can play with words, we make things easy for you and better for the people you want to reach and advertise to. I am confident that, after 30 years experience in TV, radio and film, you will not find a better or more honest deal than Robot55.


At Robot55 we make TV commercial quality videos (and other video productions) for businesses and services and products. We even make programs that are smash hits in Japan right now with over 1.5 million viewers! Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too! Contact us!

ROBOT55 はビジネス、商業、製品紹介動画の制作のみならず、アートや音楽の映像も創っております。ビジネス動画においてはウェブ動画時代の到来に合わせ、お求めや すい¥70,000という格安価格より承ります。ご予算に応じて皆様にご満足のいく高品質動画を制作致します。勿論インディー・バンド向けPV制作も行っ ております。よ!


Let us work together with you to build your dreams! Success is right around the corner!


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