It’s time once again for this week’s Top 3 Videos. The Top New Artist Videos for the week of May 4, 2015. From a few weeks ago, I’ve been asking artists to send in submissions and I have been getting a lot. Thanks. Remember that if you hit this Top 3 Videos list, you also automatically get aired on my extremely popular morning show in Japan. WTF? (What the Funday). So send ’em in. (Please “Like” our radio show FB page:

I’ve been getting so many that I am thinking about making the Top 3 Videos twice a week; the weekday edition and then a new weekend edition, so keep sending in those Top 3 videos!

First up is Peter118. Peter118 is a guy from the UK named Peter Field. He used to be a bass player  in the punk rock band ‘senseless’ and has been in punk rock for 10 years.

#3) Peter118 – “Break ‘Em Out”

It’s now the Golden Week holidays in Japan so the entire country has come to a grinding halt. Well, so will you when you watch this next video. It’s Freak Show time folks! This next band are a bunch of guys from Hawaii including their lead vocalist, a crazy mo-fo named Robbie Quine, and the band name is the Barbarellatones. It is rumored that Robbie won the Miss Hawaii championship only to be disqualified because he was a half. Half what? I’m not sure. I think he might be half space alien and half meatloaf. But don’t let me influence you, watch the video and decide for yourself. (Warning: This video might not be safe for work, watching in front of your mother, or anywhere near “normal people.” If there is ANY RISK AT ALL OF RAISED EYEBROWS DO NOT CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

#2) The Barbarellatones, Get Your Freak On

Keeping up the Freak Show theme, next up is a wild new group called, Du Blonde. Here’s what their Facebook says:

Beth Jeans Houghton was born in Transylvania to a pack of albino wolves who raised her on chewing tobacco and stuffed clams. Despite they’re hospitality, love conquers all and she soon eloped to scotch corner with her shiny new stallion peter Andre. Beth was his mysterious girl for as long as she could be, but sadly he yearned for bigger baps. taking the wrong end of his tanned stick she searched up and down the Parisian market stalls for the biggest loaf’s she could find, but alas, when she returned home, he was gone. He is currently residing somewhere in the vicinity Jordan’s breasts. Beth was gutted……Until one day, she was on a family holiday with her albino wolves in Buttermere in the Lake District. (Read more here:

This band is hot!

#1) Du Blonde – Black Flag

Finally, it’s time for today’s freebie. I’ve written about this three girl band before. Their name is Su凸ko-D凹koi (Su Ko D Koi). I saw them at rehearsal a few months back and liked them so much, we decided to make their promotion video. Here is that video!

This is the second time they are on the Top 3 Videos countdown. Today, they appear again because they were written up in a magazine called, Tokyo Walker.

Su Ko D Koi in Tokyo Walker - Su Ko D Koi in Tokyo Walker

Su Ko D Koi in Tokyo Walker – Su Ko D Koi in Tokyo Walker

Tokyo Walker is, by far, the biggest and most influential “Places to go and things to do” magazine in all of Tokyo (Gee, that’s well over 35 million households too!). I guess the people who write for Tokyo Walker saw the video we made of the girls (as well as hearing them on the radio) and liked it so much, they included the girl’s in this week’s issue in the CD Review section. Waaaaay cool!

She sings,

“Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly…. I know I am ugly….

But, I got a boyfriend and we have been going out.

But one day, out of the blue, he hit me for no reason.

I woke up in the hospital and he had his head in his hands.

Then he was gone….

But, I finally was able to realize that finally, he treated me like a woman!

I was happy!”

Once again, this song’s lyrics are sort of like that old Crystals song, “He Hit Me and it Felt Like a Kiss.”

These girls are HOT! And they are happening now!

TOP 3 VIDEOS EXTRA! Su凸ko D凹koi – Ugly

If you like these girls, go check out their Facebook page and “Like” it! Su凸ko D凹koi – すっとこどっこい凸ko-D凹koi-すっとこどっこい/130909007016199?fref=ts

Well, that’s it for today… I’m expecting to start up the “Weekend Edition” of this countdown this Friday, Japan time, so, artists, send in your videos!

Have a great day!



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