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Tokyo’s Best Cheap Sushi is in Okachimachi!? 東京の一番安くて美味しい寿司屋?御徒町にあるの?

This is going to sound like a paid advertisement, but it’s not. I think I have found the best, most delicious and cheap sushi in all of Tokyo and it’s called Heiroku Sushi in Okachimachi right next to Ueno.

おすすめ!すべてが美味しくって、新鮮です全皿 ¥140!

平緑寿司 御徒町店 〒110-0005 東京都台東区上野5−27−3  TEL: 03-3836-4395

Why do I think this is the best place in Tokyo? Well, everything is ¥140 a plate. What? “That’s not special!” you protest? True. It’s not. But the difference is that Heiroku Sushi is always packed (don’t bother going there between 12 ~ 1 pm or at dinner time after 5 pm until about 7:00 pm; there’s a huge line of people to get in.)

“But what’s that got to do with it?” you ask? Well, that means that since this place is always packed, they sell a ton of fish everyday so the fish is extremely delicious and fresh! Not to mention that Okachimachi is only a step and a skip away from the big Tokyo fish market at Tsukiji! This place has the best sushi for the price I have ever seen!

Don’t believe me! Here’s what my wife, who is Japanese said, “I love this place!”

Outside of Heiroku Sushi near Okachimachi Station

Outside of Heiroku Sushi near Okachimachi Station

Heiroku Sushi is directly under the Yamanote Line tracks, from the South Exit. You can’t miss it.

Here’s the address of Heiroku in English and a map:

Heiroku Sushi:   Ueno 5-27-3, Daitoku, Tokyo-to  〒110-005

Tel: 03-3836-4395


Two soon-to-be-happy customers enter Heiroku Sushi

Two soon-to-be-happy customers enter Heiroku Sushi

sushi restaurant

Heiroku Sushi filled with customers – as usual


My favorite: Kanpachi!


sushi shrimp

The kids love this place!

sushi chef

Heiroku Sushi has extremely friendly staff!

I love the rolls!

I love the rolls!

Three of us go there and always eat to our hearts content and it’s always been less than $30 (USD)!

Heiroku Sushi Sushi Train

Heiroku Sushi Sushi Train

There is one thing you should know, though. Heiroku Sushi is always so crowded that the sushi conveyor belt is going by really fast.

I’ve taken many friends there and everybody raves about it whether they are foreigners or Japanese alike! Heiroku Sushi gets 5 stars + for price and delicious quality!


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