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Dogs, Cats and Kids on Pianos Make for Great Viral Videos… (Sometimes Even When That’s Not the Intent)

A couple of weeks back I wrote a short handy list on how to make a viral video. It has a list of six tips to help you make a viral video (Including, but not limited to using dogs and cats). While utilizing these six tips won’t guarantee a viral sensation, it will increase your chances. If you are interested in that, take a look at: 6 Easy Tips For Making a Viral Video〜バイラル動画のための6つのポイント ( Today, I like to show and interesting bit about a child’s piano video that, while not a massive internet sensation, is a “viral hit” so-to-speak in a very narrow and niche market: Moms with little kids just starting out on the piano (well, that’s my guess.)

My buddy, Ken, and I have been making videos and TV programs for a long time. Making a viral video is an elusive goal. I’d love to be able to make a video with 10 million views. Heck, we’re very happy when some of the unknown bands that we made videos for surpass 20,000 views. We’ve also made some videos with some pretty well known musicians, and yet, in the music department, we’ve yet to come close to what I’d call a “Viral Video.” You know, my idea of a Viral Video is something like Psy’s “Gangnam Style” which, as of the moment of this writing, has nearly 2.3 billion views. If you can stand to watch it again, click here: Psy – Gangnam Style (

OK, well, maybe shooting for a few billion is asking a lot (but what’s a few billion between friends?)

It all depends on what your goal is for your video. In the 6 Easy Tips For Making a Viral Video〜バイラル動画のための6つのポイント it talks about quality production and professionalism… But there is something else that can make a video viral and I like to call it “Magic.”

What is this “Magic”? Take a look at this video of this little boy playing the piano. It was uploaded by his mom for purely posterity’s sake. I know all about this video. The intention of the mom in taking this video was only for posterity’s sake; she told me that she didn’t expect the video to ever get anymore than a dozen views or so. They made the video on an iPhone, one take. They did no promotion; no blogging, no Facebook, no nothing.

And yet, this video has over 18,000 views as of the writing of this blog post! How did that happen? I know MANY bands who would be so happy if their videos ever got 5,000 views! But a little kid playing Tchaikovsky at the piano shot with an iPhone and they are getting near 20,000 views???

How did that happen?

This video, for some reason, must be getting watched by other moms with sons or daughters who are practicing the piano. So the word spreads. The only word I have for it is “Magic.”

Tchaikovsky – Sleeping Beauty チャイコフスキー 眠りの森の美女のワルツ ピアノ

Actually, I know the whole story about this boy as I am proud to say that he is my son. Yet, I have to admit that I am amazed that a few of his videos have surpassed 15,000 views. I am amazed because I often make videos with artists and I do promote the videos, yet sometimes they just don’t “take off.”

I know for a fact my wife didn’t promote any of our son’s videos, yet he can hit over 18,000 views! Wow!

Here’s a great one I made for him and his mom, called Chopin Impromptu No. 1

So, see? the Chopin Impromptu has very few views but it is professionally made. The iPhone one? It’s magic! (And a head slapper for me!) Chuckle!

I hope you have more “Magic” in your lives.


If you are interested in a professional quality video for your child’s performance, please read: A Family Heirloom for ¥70,000? Create Your Child’s Performance Video That You Will be Proud of Forever! (¥50000-create-your-childs-performance-video-that-you-will-be-proud-of-forever/)

We’d love to create dreams together with you!


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うちの息子は子供ピアノコンクールで大変いい成績を残しており、受賞も何度かしています。とても自慢の息子ですが、大きな夢を叶える迄の道のりはまだまだ長く、これからだと思います。とはいえピアノ教師である妻と努力を重ねて既に叶えた夢も幾つかありますし、父親である私と一緒に努力して実現した夢だってあるのです。例えば一生残るプロ品質のYouTubeビデオ – そんな素敵なものを欲しがらない子供なんているでしょうか?

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A Family Heirloom for ¥70,000? Create Your Child’s Performance Video That You Will be Proud of Forever!

My son has done pretty well at children’s piano competitions in Japan. He has even won a few awards! We are very proud of him. He still has a long way to go to achieve his dream, but there are a few dreams that he has already achieved; mostly by hard practice and dedication on the piano with his mom and teachers but there is also a few that he made with dad! I mean to say, what child doesn’t dream of having a professional quality video on Youtube to show and share for the rest of their lives?

I have made several videos over the years for my son as he has gotten older and it was through the production of these videos as well as the creation on the Robot55 concept, we have been able to come up with a way to make a video just like the one below for ¥70,000 ~ ¥80,000 complete (Ask about our cash discount special!) Normally, at most video production companies, things like this would run well past ¥150,000 or more. We can do it for 1/2 that price.

How do we create a family heriloom? And NO! I’m not talking about a video made by dad; I am talking about a professionally shot and edited video that is as good as anything you’ll see on regular TV! (Dad, we love you, and your videos are fun, but we are talking about the value of professional work!) In this particular case, the family rented a grand piano for practice for two hours before a big competition (¥5000 an hour to play a Steinway at Shidome – If you need more info, email us!) We arrived to video tape one under 4 minute song. Two cameras; one good performance by the child and a few others for extra shots. A quick edit and…. Wallah! A professional quality video that will make your child feel like a professional and it will be a family heirloom that will be treasured for years to come.

And, we had the final edit completed within 24 hours!

They are only children for a short time. Capture the moment.

Write to us at Robot55 and let’s talk about making one of yours and your child’s dreams come true!


NOTE TO PARENTS: After going through competitions and being a professional in TV and radio for over three decades, I can personally attest to the value of a real on-camera practice session…. And, no, I don’t mean dad with the family video cam; the kids won’t feel nervous in front of  dad like they would in front of professional video cameramen, lighting and sound people; this sort of practice (and then the subsequent viewing of the finished video by the parents and child) is invaluable for furthering the child’s skill and professionalism.

After all, aren’t they all dreaming of becoming professionals?