There was a great reaction to the Japanese Concept Car Videos (part 1). Thanks. As I promised, I’d make a part two.

These are cool cars designed by engineers for all the big Japanese car manufacturers through the years that have never made it into production. I think you might agree that these are the coolest designs. Here are a few more selected videos from the wild and crazy, Science Fiction universe of Japanese concept cars.

Since the 1950s, all the big Japanese car manufacturers have been testing and designing cars that, if you saw them on the road, you’d think that it was something out of a Hollywood science fiction movie! Some of these designs are so fab that they are out of this world!

I’ve searched the internet and found some short videos of a few of my favorites. So if you like Science Fiction, and you like cars! Then this is a short trip for you!

Mazda RX-7 500 1970

Mitsubishi HSR II 1989

Totoya EX-7 1972

Totoya Pod 2001

If you want to see more fabulous cars then check out #1 in this series: Science Fiction! Japanese Concept Car Videos! 日本のコンセプトカービデオ!日本のコンセプトカービデオ!/


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