Good News and Bad News!

Good news first!

Remember those old VHS video tapes that everybody had back in the eighties?  Well, now some of those old VHS video tapes might be worth a bunch of money! That’s right! Some VHS tapes have now become valuable and collectable antiques selling for several thousand dollars!

What’s the Bad News?

The Bad News is that you or your mom or wife, or dumb boyfriend, dumped boxes of them into the garbage years ago… And you said, “OK!”


Now, antique and collectable professionals and experts say that those VHS tapes are joining the ranks of vinyl records as valuable and rare collectibles and some of them have been getting sold for over ¥1,230,000! (That’s over $10,000 (USD)).

Arrrrrrgggghhhh! Again!

As the years went by and DVD’s became popular, VHS tapes have disappeared from the average household. Add to that the big retail chains going bankrupt and you have a massive amount of VHS tapes being dumped and ruined in land fills.

But VHS cassettes and boxes that are still in good shape can demand high prices. They have been gone and out of our existence for just long enough to inspire nostalgia.

David Jinks, a famous international collector of goods and antiques, said: ‘It’s time to learn the lesson of vinyl. Many old LPs and singles are now worth huge amounts of money.”

I once saw David Bowie’s “Man Who Sold the World” (The Orange Jacket) selling for over ¥4 million yen (That’s about $40,000 (USD)) at a store in Shinjuku! Today, some VHS video tapes are considered just as collectable as original records.

Even now, sometimes you can see piles of old VHS tapes being thrown out. There are probably few items more unwanted at the moment than old VHS video tapes. Many people probably have a boxful in the basement and they, of course, don’t have a working VHS machine (who does?)

Did you know that charity stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army and other second hand stores won’t even take the VHS tapes and machines for free? because nobody wants them!

But it is because they are being thrown out in the trash that they have become valuable.

Uh, you wouldn’t, by any chance have any old Betamax tapes or a Betamax player, would you?

They definitely will become expensive collectables in the future too… The question is, “Where we going to store all this stuff?”


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