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Top 3 Videos for October 23, 2015! The Routes, Moon Kids, Theee Bat, The Jacques!

Welcome! We’re back once again with some hot videos for you!

First up is a band from Kyushu Japan that is currently getting airplay at cool radio shows all around the world. Their name is The Routes. Here’s their Facebook page ( Please go and “Like” it and get the inside scoop on their upcoming Portugal and Spain Tour! Cool!

#3) The Routes – Everybody’s Looking

Next up is hot off the presses and this track came into my mailbox just this morning from Cindy Kona. Thanks Cindy! Cindy has connections all over the world and can get bands airplay in Japan (of course) as well as Los Angeles, London and South America to name a few. Cindy turns us on to a band named, “The Moon Kids.”

Their webpage describes the Moon Kids as “‘fairground pop’, a trashy, thrashy, neon-lit affair that’s bright, bolshy and destined to make your heart beat a little faster.”

#2) The Moon Kids – Strange Thoughts On Sunday

At #1 this week is a band that just debuted on last week’s Top 3… They sent me this link and when I watched it, I laughed so hard. These guys are great! From Tokyo, here is Theee Bat deliciously destroying the Elvis Presley standard, “Jailhouse Rock.” Enjoy!

#1) Theee Bat – Kangoku Rock (Jailhouse Rock)

And last but not least is today’s Freebie. They have just released their debut album in Japan called, “Die Pop Muzik.” The band is from Bristol, England and they are called, The Jacques. The describe their music as “Britpop / grunge rock.” Here’s their webpage:

FREEBIE! The Jacques – Pretty DJ

Well, that’s it for today! New Bands! Send me links to your videos!

Everyone! Have a great Rock and Roll weekend! See ya next week!



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