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Photo Dump of Cool Stuff Around Tokyo – And the Fattest Cat in Japan!

(Top image: This wonderful image of a man resides on the side of a dilapidated building in Sangenjyaya. As you can see, the wood the image is painted upon is falling apart. At least I was able to take one photo. This is marvelous! What a waste that it isn’t being preserved.)


I walk around Tokyo all the time (Duh! I live here). I always carry my smart phone or a video camera. I take photos of interesting things I see.

It’s almost Japan’s Golden Week vacation so I thought I’d share my photo’s on my semi-annual “Photo Dump of Cool Stuff Around Tokyo!” If you are looking for photos of Tokyo Tower or Asakusa or the usual Tokyo fun spots, you won’t find them here. This is a photo dump from some of the back streets and alleys around town.

I’ve posted some photos here with my comments. Hope you enjoy them! I think these things are cool and they actually have another message for people who visit; just like the vending machines that are everywhere in Tokyo and yet no one breaks them or steals them…

E.T Motosumiyoshi

This is an E.T. that is standing outside a small restaurant in Motosumiyoshi on the Toyoko Line.

Japanese motorcycle

Is it a bike or a car? I don’t know but it’s cool and was parked right by the train station where I live.

bad girl

This girl was walking along in Setagaya-Ku and I saw her coat in the early morning. It says, “I can act to bad girl.” The longer explanation was even more convoluted.Tokyo Adult Goods Store

“Adult Convenience”? I guess it’s kind of like a 7-11 convenience store. I also guess that the only thing really in common with a convenience store is that this place, besides daily goods, also sells batteries.


This was at my favorite sushi place. I guess one of the young staff who aspires to be a manga artist drew this at work. Not bad, but pretty typical, I guess…. Look who’s talking! Much better than I could do!

moose head

Kevin Riley, Alpha Geek from Osaka, says, “The dude with the antlers is Sento-kun. He’s the symbol of Nara. (This is the renewal version with shinto priest’s gear.)


The fattest cat in Japan. Maneki Neko is what they call these. They sit at the front of restaurants and establishments beckoning customers to come in and spend money. This is, by far, the fattest one I’ve ever seen. I guess that means he is REALLY lucky!

megane super

This guy was standing out in front of an eyeglass shop called, “Megane Drug.” I guess it’s like a drug store (like the previous convenience store – it has everything to do with eye glasses.)


Finally, here’s a statue of a nice old butler that resides outside of a small coffee shop near Hanzomon station. This statue is standing there outside everyday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in downtown Tokyo and no one vandalizes it or steals it. It’s been there for at least 15 years… Probably much longer. The first time I saw the nice old guy, was in 2000 when working close by. I remember because I went to that coffee shop that day.

He is still there and doing well!

It’s nice that he is too… It is just one more things that reminds that Tokyo is still the world’s safest city.


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