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Looking to Hire the Handicapped for Video Editing at Home

Because of the internet, many people no longer have to leave home or take public transportation to and from work; they can perform their job duties from home.  This time should be a watershed time for the disabled and handicapped to work and contribute to society. As the father of a girl who is permanently confined to a wheelchair, it has been a sort of mission of mine over all these years to do so. As a small company, we want to help them to do so.

We are in the process of hiring physically impaired folks for our company. At first, just a few folks, they earn decent money editing video. At this very moment, we are looking for someone disabled but has experience editing video using Final Cut. They need to have experience with Final Cut software and be able to observe video footage and listen to music and make edits. Native Japanese ability a must. Experience in video and art and design a plus.

We prefer folks who live in Tokyo or Yokohama, Chiba area. For now, we are merely looking for one experienced person; yes, the hurdle is high. But soon we will be hiring people who have little or no experience and we aim to train them and give them a profitable skill. I will announce that job opening soon. (A Japanese language version of this article will be posted tomorrow).

What is the job precisely? Simply video editing. Look at the photo below. It is a photo of the top of this page. On the left, in the red circles, are two videos. One is 30 seconds, the other is 60 seconds. It is very high quality professional job at a super low price. You can scroll up to the top of this page to click and watch these videos.
Robot55 does professional world-class video productions at a fraction the cost of the competition and we aim to make society a better place with your help.

Robot55 does professional world-class video productions at a fraction the cost of the competition and we aim to make society a better place with your help.

Here is a new video we made yesterday:  (If link doesn’t play, copy and paste this into your browser:

We are now looking to hire a physically impaired person who can perform a part time job doing video editing on Final Cut at home. As with all video editing jobs, this job has no set work hour schedule. The editor can do the work at their convenience.  It takes about 3 – 5 hours to edit one video. Then, for the starting pay, they will be paid ¥6,000 ~ ¥9,000 per video. They can get pay raises once they become proficient with our system. The pay is much better than working at a fast food restaurant or convenience store. You never have to use time riding a train back and forth; you never have to leave home. Finish the job and upload it back to us. Simple.

We need to hire someone who has experience with Final Cut video editing soon (part time). I think the work will only be 1 video a week at the start… And then, if business goes well, we can increase. We are very flexible for our part time worker’s schedule too.

The good candidate will need an newer model Apple PC and Wi-Fi at home.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, have them contact us. Let’s work together having fun making videos and making the world a better place to live.
Interested or know someone who might be? Write to Mike or Ken at:
NOTE: The Politically Correct crowd really confuse me sometimes. So much so, that in an article like this, I am afraid to use certain terminology. Is it OK to say, “Disabled,” or “Handicapped?” I’m not sure. I do not mean to offend anyone and just want to get to the point as quickly as possible. Politically correctness has gotten out of control. I don’t know what to call my own daughter! Some call her disabled, some call her handicapped, some call her wheelchair bound…. I call her “perfect!”

Truth be told, everyone has a disability of some sort…

We are Robot55.

Our Mission Statement is:

“We make wonderful videos productions; for a profit if we can, at a loss if we must. But no matter what, we make wonderful video productions.”

Our Motto is:

“Let’s have fun!”

At Robot55 we make video productions for businesses and services and products, but we also pride ourselves on making videos for art and music. Our starting price is ¥70,000 and we are sure we can work out something that fits your budget. Oh, and we love making band videos too!
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