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Sunday Free Movie! CBGBのパンクロックの映画の日本語字幕スーパー!無料!CBGB’s Blitzkreig Bop Movie

A few years back, there was a movie about the early Punk Rock movement in New York, called “Blitzkreig Bop.” I thought it was a terrible movie.

A few days ago, while discussing with a friend some video production, our Japanese Rock & Roll Ghost Story, and creating a Rock & Roll boom in Tokyo before the 2020 Olympics, he mentioned that the 1978 film “Blitzkreig Bop” had been made with Japanese sub-titles and was available for free on Youtube! Wow! I checked. He was right!

So, without further ado, for your Sunday morning viewing pleasure, here is “Blitzkreig Bop” the 1978 CBCG’s documentary. Enjoy!

Here’s what Dangerous Minds has to say about this movie:

Three aspiring musicians: Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd were looking for a place “where nothing was happening” for their band Television to play. If nothing was happening then the bar owner had nothing to lose. One day, down in the Bowery, Verlaine and Lloyd spotted a place initialed CBGB-OMFUG. They sidled across, went inside and talked to the owner a former singer and musician Hilly Krystal. As Lloyd recalled in Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain’s essential oral history of punk Please Kill Me, Hilly wanted to know what kinda music they played.

They answered with a question: ‘Well, what does ‘CBGB-OMFUG’ stand for?’ He said, ‘Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music for Uplifting Gourmandizers.’ So we said, ‘Oh yeah, we play a little of that, a little rock, a little country, a little blues, a little bluegrass…’ And Hilly said, ‘Oh, okay, maybe…’ In fact, the only real stipulation for appearing at CBGB’s was to play new music, and although Suicide and Wayne County had already appeared at CBGB’s, it was not until Television, Patti Smith, The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and The Dead Boys started taking up residency that CBGB’s changed from something where nothing happened to somewhere it all happened.


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